Han Solo Logs

previous solo player logs by piper (offsite)

A Casual Encounter with Han Solo -- 11/10/96
Han has an encounter with Piper and her dog Duke on Etti IV.
The Attempted Arrest of Chewbacca -- 11/30/96
Chewbacca and Threepio are arrested by Piper and Alora. (Han doesn't appear in this log, but it's included as it's part 1 of a two-part scene.)
The Capture of Han Solo -- 12/1/96
(Part 2 of the previous log.) Han attempts to intervene in Chewbacca's capture, only to be arrested himself when Alora uses the Force to choke the breath out of him; he takes a blaster shot to the leg as well.
The Interrogation of Han Solo -- 12/2/96
Solo is interrogated by CSA personnel flown in from Mytus VII; in the process, his arm is broken.

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