Han Solo Logs

han-return.txt -- 1/16/00
Following Han's rescue from Nar Shaddaa by Chewbacca, Gabrielle, and Skeezix, Luke and Leia come on board the Falcon to assure themselves of Han's well-being.
han-physical.txt -- 1/23/00
With the Falcon safely landed on Coruscant, Dr. Kathryn Montavre comes aboard to tend to the injured Solo; later, as Han sleeps in bacta, Luke, Leia, Poguala, C-3PO and R2-D2 all discuss his condition.
han-luke-heart2heart.txt -- 1/25/00
Anxious over the fate of Jessalyn and his own worthiness to teach the new Jedi he is discovering, Luke seeks out Han on the Falcon--and prompts the Corellian into breaking out the brandy to soothe his young friend's frazzled heart.

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