Karga Logs

The Littlest Demonhunter -- 5/31/96
On a hunting trip, Alorn finds a human child who claims to be hunting demons, and takes her back to Blue Mountain.
Karga Comes to Blue Mountain (Part 1) -- 5/31/96
Karga begins to discover the wonders of Blue Mountain -- its halls, its food, its fountains -- but also the animosity of most of its residents. Eveshka faints at the sight of her, before Alorn hauls Karga off for a bath.
Karga Comes to Blue Mountain (Part 2) -- 6/3/96
Karga meets yet more Gliders, hostile and one or two non-hostile, and is terrified when Alorn briefly shifts to her Mysia personality, and when Telia makes her float.
Karga Among the Gliders (Part 1) -- 6/4/96
Alorn gives Karga a metal comb; Ayerth makes overtures of friendship to Karga.
Karga Among the Gliders (Part 2) -- 6/8/96
Alorn catches Ayerth trying to befriend Karga, and uses her magic to block off his ability to glide.
Karga Among the Gliders (Part 3) -- 6/11/96
Alorn brings Karga to see Ayerth in the Cage.
Trip to the Beach (Part 1) -- 6/28/96
As Karga grows more and more uneasy at Blue Mountain's shadows and silence, she finally finds Alorn again; Alorn takes her and Zichri out of the mountain to camp on the shores of the Vastdeep.
Trip to the Beach (Part 2) -- 7/2/96
Alorn offers Karga a hawk's egg; WaveDancer visits their camp.
Trip to the Beach (Part 3) -- 7/9/96
Alorn and Karga discuss the near-drowned SongBird.
Trip to the Beach (Part 4) -- 7/24/96
The hawk's egg Alorn gave to Karga hatches.
Karga and Elloquen -- 9/29/96
Zichri -- now changed into the sweet persona of 'Elloquen' -- finds Karga in her solitary existence in the wild, and apologizes to her for his old mistreatment of her.
Karga and Zichri's Unlikely Alliance (Part 1) -- 10/29/96
Zichri, enraged over Winnowill and Alorn having imposed the 'Elloquen' persona on him, seeks out Karga and asks her to help him journey to where he can receive training to learn how to get back at them for what they did.
Karga and Zichri's Unlikely Alliance (Part 2) -- 10/31/96
Karga and Zichri collapse at the hidden spring near the entrance into the Underworld, and are found by Kytek, Jyla, RainDancer, and Nummi; Kytek escorts the Glider and the human into the caves, then leaves them.

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