Sun Village Logs

Healing the Airwalker (Part 1) -- 6/30/95
The wrapstuffed Rayek is found in Sorrow's End, and healed by Mender.
Healing the Airwalker (Part 3) -- July 1995
Ekuar tries to convince Rayek to let Leetah heal him.
Healing the Airwalker (Part 4) -- July 1995
Rayek grudgingly consents to letting Leetah try to heal him; she runs into problems when she discovers his mind is magically scorched from trying to halt the Palace crash.
Healing the Airwalker (Part 5) -- July 1995
With Ekuar and Savah's help, Leetah heals Rayek to where he can recover his strength and magic on his own.
Healing the Airwalker (Part 2) -- July 1995
Ekuar helps begin to restore Rayek's ability to send.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 5) -- 10/27/95
Savah reaches Rayek by 'going out'; thinking he is hallucinating, the Cat Elves knock him out. Milar tries to treat Rayek's wounded ankle.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 7) -- 11/1/95
Rayek and the others return to the Palace; Rayek learns that he'd wounded Lursa, and that Ktai is in love with him.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 8) -- 11/2/95
Rayek consents to go to Sorrow's End for the upcoming Festival -- and catches Azeure turning the Scroll of Colors.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 2) -- 11/3/95
With the aid of the Little Palace in Savah's chambers, Brightfire heals Rayek's wounded ankle--and grants him the greater gift of sorely needed rest.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 1) -- 11/3/95
Rayek and the elves from the Palace arrive in Sorrow's End.
Rillwhisper at the Festival -- 11/5/95
Rillwhisper at the Festival of Flood and Flower. Much dancing, two Recognitions.
Talek at the Festival -- 11/5/95
While Talek has a word with Rhentagoth at the Festival of Flood and Flower, Ynderra playfully amuses herself with Startoucher's company and Cutter and Spidersilk amuse themselves with the pole-balancing game.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 5) -- 11/6/95
Rayek kicks Trollkiller out of Savah's quarters.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 7) -- 11/8/95
Rayek prepares to leave Sorrow's End with Ekuar, after a word with him and Savah.
Cubsending -- 11/9/95
Locksending together at the Festival, Rillwhisper and Strongbow indulge in a bit of make-believe: hunting ravvits, but as cubs.