Sun Village Logs

The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 1) -- 3/8/98
A Festival at Sorrow's End is held. Treestump speaks with Silverdew who updates him on the taking's-place at Grove Holt. Sunfire and Flashfire compete at the Balancing Game.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 2) -- 3/8/98
Flashfire and Sunfire run into a band of Underworlders and follow them back to the Festival. Pale informs Treestump of Nightling's death and the two Recognitions/births prior.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 3) -- 3/8/98
More Festival. Sunfire and Flashfire discuss their unease about the visiting Underworlders. Pike and Tyleet urge Treestump into dancing. Peytianna of the Underworld also dances, gaining notice, and later suffers a minor sunburn.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 4) -- 3/8/98
Continued. Treestump finally gives in to dancing. Sunfire allows Flashfire to borrow her bow. Morganthe attacks Savah and holds her captive; the Festival comes to a sudden halt as the situation turns dire.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 5) -- 3/8/98
From the last log. The Mother of Memory held captive, Treestump struggles to take control of the situation. Morganthe seriously injures ColdFire; Grishnak grabs Blackwatch; Jadesong offers herself in Savah's place; many attack Morganthe and very few get through.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 6) -- 3/8/98
Final 'chapter.' The fate of the festival-goers -- and of Savah, the Mother of Memory -- is decided.
Grim News from Suntop -- 3/17/98
Rayek and Ktai arrive at Sorrow's End. Eager to meet with the Mother of Memory and inform her of what has happened, Rayek moves quickly to her hut only to find Suntop there in her place. Grimly, Suntop informs the Airwalker of the Underworld's Raid on Sorrow's End.
Conversation with Coldfire -- 3/20/98
After learning of the Raid upon Sorrow's End, Rayek broods in the Village. He encounters ColdFire - and later, Bria - who informs him of the events that took place.
Argument at the Festival -- 3/26/98
An argument breaks out in the Dancing Square over what is to be done about the elves held captive by the Underworld.
Zwoot Hunt (Part 1) -- 4/26/98
Suntop and Flashfire come upon Rayek on the Bridge of Destiny. Tension rises between the Airwalker and the Wolfrider cub; Suntop breaks it when he invites Rayek to come with him and Flashfire on a hunt. Rayek accepts.
Zwoot Hunt (Part 2) -- 4/26/98
Continued from previous log, Rayek, Flashfire, and Suntop hunt a wild zwoot. Later, after Ktai is discovered to have followed them and that Flashfire accidentally wounded her, Rayek and Suntop come to blows and their friendship becomes dangerously strained.
Aftermath of the Raid -- 4/28/98
After suffering mental damage during his time spent in the Underworld, Treestump starts looking for the Sun Village's healer, Mender. During this time, he encounters and speaks with many elves, including Rayek's love-mate who tries to assist in dealing with her problems.
Suntop's Apology -- 5/3/98
After explaining the problem to Treestump, Suntop and Flashfire go to speak with Rayek and Ktai on the incident that took place during their zwoot hunt.
Dusk and Talek Escape (T) -- 7/22/98
Dusk and Talek are released from the Underworld for unknown reasons, and receive shelter in Sorrow's End. (Log from Talek's point of view.)
Dusk and Talek Escape (D) -- 7/22/98
Dusk and Talek are released from the Underworld for unknown reasons, and receive shelter in Sorrow's End. (Log from Dusk's point of view.)
Recovering in Sorrow's End -- 7/24/98
Dusk and Talek relax as best they can in Sorrow's End, trying to work out many things between them, including their feelings for one another.
The Recognition of Dusk and Tsoran (Part 1) -- 8/1/98
Dusk of the Willowholt unexpectedly Recognizes the Glider Chosen Tsoran when he comes to Sorrow's End looking for Larias.
The Recognition of Dusk and Tsoran (Part 2) -- 8/2/98
Tsoran tries to convince Dusk not to speak of their Recognition; then, they finally yield to its demands, and Tsoran offers to convey Dusk back to Willowholt.
Savah's Distress -- 12/6/98
After so many years of stillness, the Palace finally flies again when Sorrow's End is invaded by humans.
Savah's Distress (Part 2) -- 12/6/98
Under the watchful eyes of the Palace residents, the weary Sun Villagers take refuge in the Palace of the High Ones. Note: This log takes place directly after the log previous.
Sun Folk in the Palace (Part 1) -- 12/7/98
The Palace resides temporarily in what remains of Sorrow's End, waiting for the last of the Sun Folk to make their way inside. Despite Rayek's past protests, Ktai ventures outside its walls to discover someone overlooked in all the chaos.
Enticement to Rest -- 12/7/98
It's after the fall of Sorrow's End at the hands of the humans, and Ktai at last convinces an exhausted Mender to rest in the Palace. Having turned his care over to her daughter, Ktai seeks out Rayek... with the intent to entice him to rest, too.
Sun Folk in the Palace (Part 2) -- 12/9/98
Rayek shares a bite to eat with the recovering Villagers and endures Shenshen's sense of humor.
Sun Folk in the Palace (Part 3) -- 12/15/98
After enduring another example of Shenshen's merciless sense of humor, Rayek "rescues" Eveshka from the selfsame culprit.
Sun Folk in the Palace (Part 4) -- 12/16/98
Shenshen and Songtouch make mischief in the Entry Hall; Eveshka and Rayek discuss how the airwalker's habits are rubbing off on Tyree.
Sun Folk in the Palace (Part 5) -- 12/17/98
Rayek learns the fate of his parents, Jarrah and Ingen.