Sun Village Logs

The Storm of Sand -- 9/14/02
The most severe sandstorm that the Sun Village has experienced in many turns of the seasons rages over Sorrow's End, driving the entire village to seek shelter in the Wolfrider caves. To try to pass the time, Wing and Savah tell stories to the village children while Gentlestorm and others make periodic forays out to look for stragglers caught in the storm.
Wing Falls Ill -- 9/21/02
Not long after the huge sandstorm that overwhelmed Sorrow's End, Wing is found in a strangely antisocial state by Rosewind and the young cub Starfire; as Lifefire and then Bluedawn join them, Wing collapses in the grip of a serious fever.
A New Chieftess -- 11/1/02
Ever since Gentlerock--the son of Dart, who has been leading the jackwolf-riders of Sorrow's End in his father's place--went missing, his Recognized Snowstorm has filled in for him as the chieftain of the village hunters. But Snowstorm has her own life burdens to bear and can no longer function in that role, and so she calls a Howl of the jackwolf-riders to yield the chieftaincy to Rosewind. Some take it well, but others, like Snowstorm's little son Sandstorm, do not....
Seeking Out a Healer -- 11/7/02
At her mother's behest, Wayfound travels with Tefin and Arnos out onto the Plains, to seek the aid of the healer Mender for the healing of Doreel and Oriolle at Lostholt.
Challenge of the Century -- 11/8/02
Driven into wrath by several recent events that have transpired at Lostholt, Strongbow is driven to challenge his chieftain -- and much to both his and Cutter's shock, he wins the battle of wills between them.
Mender and Otter's Arrival -- 11/13/02
Answering the request of Wayfound and Tefin to come to Lostholt to lend aid to the healers there, Mender arrives at last, bringing with him a friend from the Plainsrunner tribe; Nightwisp meets them, and later, so does Leetah.
The Accident -- 11/18/02
Along with his mother Snowstorm, Ashi, and others from the Sun Village on their visit to Lostholt, young Sandstorm encounters Nightwisp of Lostholt; the cub and the clay-crafter play a bit and discover they have something in common. But their encounter ends with a little accident....
This Isn't Finished -- 11/25/02
Cutter tells Strongbow that Leetah would like to attend the festival with him -- and Strongbow disagrees, leaving the two elves at odds once again.
Elisel Uprooted -- 12/12/02
Kiralee of the Sun Village--whose healing talents run to a knack for mindhealing--takes on the challenge of helping Ree's recovery along by breaking the 'Elisel' self her mind had created under Doreel's influence.
The Cry in the Night -- 12/27/02
In Sorrow's End, once more reaching out to Ree from his wrapstuff prison despite being under guard by several Lostholters, Doreel manages to rouse enough to be driven into deep pain by his memories--and his expression of them results in a sending cry that rouses the Sun Village, brings Djhala running and ordering that Doreel's cocoon be moved, and requires Skywise to knock Ree out before she can lash out at random with the fledgling magic Ynderra has sensed within her.