Tance Logs

passover: neva and the alexi styvesant

neva-passover-5.txt -- 1/3/99
Tance and Neva return with some reluctance to Ballybran, once the Passover comes to its end.

ballybran: enter bronwen

bronwen-meeting.txt -- 1/29/99
Tance meets Bronwen Cinaed, a recently adapted Singer, and is stunned when the woman seems to be interested by him.
bronwen-teasing.txt -- 2/10/99
Another encounter with Bronwen Cinaed riles up Tance's temper, as Bronwen teases him about 'following her around'.
bronwen-wife-teasing.txt -- 2/11/99
After he is injured yet again on an excursion into the Ranges, Bronwen comes to visit Tance in the Infirmary -- and after she sees how badly an attempted practical joke goes over with him, makes a surprising proposal to the sedated Singer.
bronwen-visit-2.txt -- 2/13/99
Bronwen pays the injured Tance another visit in the Infirmary, bringing two mystery novels by way of a peace offering yet still unable to convince Tance to partner with her; later, as a storm drives her back down to the shelter of Level 12, Bronwen disconcerts Tance with her tearful reaction to the weather.
dashing-debate.txt -- 2/14/99
Recovering in his second home in the JPF -- the Infirmary -- Tance finds himself the recipient of far too many assertions that he is "dashing" for his comfort, the alarming news that Medic Fiana once had had a crush on him, and critiques of his current haircut, all of which are only somewhat balanced out by a bowl of peach ice cream.
talaitha-prank.txt -- 2/25/99
After getting himself inebriated by way of celebration for finding black crystal, Tance becomes the target of a prank courtesy of the impetuous Talaitha, winds up left wearing nothing but his underwear and his socks, and winds up rescued by a wrathful Neva.
near-death.txt -- 4/30/99
Espra and two of the Infirmary's orderlies find another big job on their hands courtesy of Tance Vokrim, when the Singer nearly kills himself in a nasty fall in the Ranges -- but even when putting the almost mortally wounded Singer back together, still, Espra and Sheila Parker find enough camaraderie between them to comment on Tance's appearance.
tal-neva-visit.txt -- 4/30/99
Shortly after Tance is checked into the Short Term Care ward, both Talaitha and Neva discover his current whereabouts and visit him.
distractions.txt -- 5/8/99
Continuing his recovery in the Short Term Care ward, Tance finds that some distractions (like a medic receiving training for his new position), are things he can do without, while yet other distractions (like trying to get out of bed before he's ready, in front of the visiting Bronwen) are things he should do without.
tance-neva-chat.txt -- 6/9/99
When a weary Tance just in from the Ranges comes across her in the Singer Lounge, Neva takes the time to chat with him--and disconcerts him deeply with her gentle observation that despite his age, he is quite handsome.

ballybran: the recovery of jade

kesya-reunion.txt -- 7/6/99
Severely injured again, Tance has a disturbingly vivid dream about Kesya -- only to discover, once he wakes up in the Infirmary, that Kesya is not really dead.
tk-infirmary.txt -- 7/7/99
Kesya rejoices in the renewed presence of Tance at her side, even if he's sedated; Tance needs to be convinced he isn't dreaming.
tk-infirmary-2.txt -- 8/5/99
Tance, regaining more strength and energy during his long stay in the Infirmary, begins to try to come to grips with the fact that Kesya is alive -- and that he's going to need to take her into the Ranges to restore her badly depleted resonance.
kesya-shepherd.txt -- 8/20/99
Tance gets Kesya and their equipment together, and flies his still weakened love into the Ranges; they find yellow crystal.
kesya-shepherd-2.txt -- 8/22/99
After staying with Kesya all night on the crystal vein they locate, Tance delights her when she realizes he's a lot more vigorous and energetic than she remembers, especially when morning song begins to kick in.