Tance Logs

verron iv: vacation and disaster

campfire-chat.txt -- 5/30/98
While hiking across Verron IV, Tance and Kesya discuss their impending marriage by firelight. (Note: this is a partial log.)

ballybran: the loss of jade

tance-found-on-v4.txt -- 10/20/98
Raving, disheveled, his crystal resonance at dangeorusly low levels, and without his fiancee Kesya As'shoriah, Tance is found on Verron IV by Deputy Guildmaster Vyana and the medic Airgiod; promptly hustled back to Ballybran, he is swiftly attended to by Chief Medic Quinn and placed in the hands of Singer Gyles Lee to be taken into the Ranges.
gyles-escort.txt -- 10/21/98
Gyles Lee escorts Tance into the Ranges, and finds that the job is not exactly the smoothest shepherding in the world.
gyles-escort-2.txt -- 10/25/98
Gyles discovers that Tance reacts rather badly to cutting black crystal when he tries to take his charge to a claim that's easier to reach.
gyles-escort-3.txt -- 10/28/98
Tance has nightmares in the midst of black crystal song, but he and Gyles nevertheless cut the rest of the black, and the two Singers make it back relatively unscathed to the JPF.
gyles-escort-3.txt -- 10/28/98
Tance has nightmares in the midst of black crystal song, but he and Gyles nevertheless cut the rest of the black, and the two Singers make it back relatively unscathed to the JPF.
thwarted-departure.txt -- 10/29/98
Dutifully if dazedly reporting to the Infirmary following his return to the JPF with Gyles, Tance winds up getting himself sedated when he gets too agitated about the missing Kesya.
thwarted-escape.txt -- 10/30/98
Tance's attempt to flee Ballybran and return to Verron IV to search for his missing fiancee is thwarted by the shuttle pilot and security guards who refuse to let him board the next departing shuttle; Tance is sedated, and hustled back to the Infirmary.
katya-inf-visit.txt -- 11/1/98
Recruit Katya tries to visit the sedated Tance in the Infirmary's Short Term Care ward.
rosa-escort.txt -- 11/3/98
Tance is escorted back into the Ranges, this time by Rosa Scardino, who applies some different and some similar methods to those of Gyles Lee for dealing with the scatter-headed Singer in her care...
rosa-escort-2.txt -- 11/3/98
Rosa gets some food into her charge and begins to encourge Tance to talk about what he remembers about himself, but one thing leads to another, and soon Rosa discovers glimmers of what happened to Kesya on Verron IV.
rosa-escort-3.txt -- 11/16/98
Tance and Rosa finish the day in the Ranges by clearing out Rosa's yellow claim -- but when they arrive at the Infirmary to get Tance's condition evaluated, they are met with dire news from Chief Meditech Quinn.
drunk-tance.txt -- 11/28/98
After downing a small keg of polly wine sent to his quarters by way of consolation for his loss of Kesya, Tance drunkenly attempts to head into the Ranges, only to be thwarted by an able sledtech and a security guard; the guard, Sauscony, takes pity on him and escorts him back to his rooms.
rosa-visit.txt -- 12/1/98
Two days after the news of Kesya's loss, Rosa comes to visit the devastated Tance in his quarters.
neva-leo-meeting.txt -- 12/5/98
Tance bumps into an amnesiac Neva, and Rosa's father Leo, in the Singer Lounge; Neva proves sympathetic to the grizzled, absentminded old Singer, and manages to startle him with a couple of suggestions.
haircut.txt -- 12/6/98
Another encounter with the amnesiac Neva leads Tance into succumbing to a trim of his wildly unkempt hair.
tance-neva-lounge.txt -- 12/7/98
As the Passover begins to draw near, Neva encounters a badly rezzing Tance in the Singer lounge, and tries to encourage him to borrow money from someone to get offworld if he can't afford to leave Ballybran himself. She is not, however, successful... (Note: This is a partial log.)
rosa-visit-2.txt -- 12/8/98
Driven partly by Passover hunger and partly by her concern for Tance, Rosa checks on him again, this time bearing cookies, and she tries to encourage him to let her lend him money to get off the planet; however, neither Rosa nor Quinn can stop an agitated Tance from insisting that he needs to get into the Ranges and cut, and Passover be damned... (Note: This is a partial log.)
sauscony-visit.txt -- 12/11/98
Tance gets a visit from Sauscony, who remembers him from having to pull him off the Hangar Floor the night he'd received news of Kesya's passing -- though due to both their symbionts' reactions to the impending Passover, it's a very short and sleepful visit.... (Note: This is another partial log.)

passover: neva and the alexi styvesant

neva-passover-1.txt -- 12/12/98
Concerned about the state in which she'd last seen him, Neva returns from her already commenced Passover vacation to look for Tance on Shankill Station. Upon finding him, she promptly encourages the near-unconscious Singer off the moonbase along with her by simple virtue of promises of much softer couches to sleep on.
neva-passover-2.txt -- 12/13/98
Neva catches Tance having a nightmare, and applies some unorthodox methods of counseling in trying to snap him out of his grief; later, she discovers that Tance has a partiality to books.
neva-passord-3.txt -- 12/14/98
Neva and Tance find unexpected mutual delight and accord in the simple act of taking turns reading a book to one another.
neva-passover-4.txt -- 12/19/98
Disturbed by recurrent dreams, Tance tries to keep himself awake; Neva questions him as to why. (Note: Incomplete scene.)