Oriolle Logs

A Favor for Briarcatch -- 5/1/97
Briarcatch asks Aureole if she will lead the Pathkeepers for him, while he goes to attempt to parley with the humans.
Lost in the Grove (Part 1) -- 5/20/97
Rendered amnesiac by an injury sustained during the tornado that struck the Plains, Aureole wanders northward -- and eventually stumbles into Doreel's grove.
Lost in the Grove (Part 2) -- 5/20/97
Doreel begins trying to heal the maiden who has arrived in his grove -- and to convince her that she is 'Elisel', and prevent her from remembering anything that says otherwise. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/12/97
Lost in the Grove (Part 3) -- 6/25/97
Lira, one of Doreel's Helpers, tries to rouse 'Elisel' from her mushroom-induced stupor, only to be caught in the act by Doreel.
Back to Her Lifemate's Arms -- 9/16/97
Returned to the Plains at last, Ree is reunited with her lifemate Briarcatch, who struggles to comprehend what happened to her during her absence.

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