Oriolle Logs

The Birth of Aureole -- June 1994
Aureole, daughter of Starwing and Blackmorn, is born in the Plainsrunner canyons.
The Death of Starwing -- 9/4/94
The ailing Starwing succumbs to the fever that has overcome her; Blackmorn allows the Preserver Tumbleberry to wrapstuff the fevered Aureole to keep her sickness from worsening before the healers can have another try at restoring her health.
Blackmorn Vs. Soulweaver -- 9/19/94
Soulweaver and Briarcatch catch up with Blackmorn after he smuggles Aureole out of the Plains canyons; Soulweaver tries to convince Blackmorn to return home with the child.
The Death of Blackmorn -- 10/23/94
Blackmorn dies in the marshes just outside Willowholt.

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