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turmoil in the empyre: julian takes back his house

Mother's Surrender -- 1/3/00
Out on one of his nightly prowls, Richard comes across Dulcinea sobbing in the Old City Garden--and the two clash about Moirae's determination to flee House Nemea and live with her father.
A Visit at Dawn -- 2/27/00
Richard risks Delphi itself to come and see Rory at the crack of dawn, in an attempt to try to resolve the strange tangle of feelings he has for her -- but the resolution that emerges is that thief and former thief declare love for one another.
On the Care and Feeding of Young Mongrels -- 3/6/00
At the Gem Inn, when he discovers that Richard has clashed with Cynara about who should take care of Roki and Elette, Nox gets into a strident argument with him -- about the children, and about the Lady of Thorns.
Alliance in the Making -- 5/15/00
Much to Richard's shock, Cynara makes him an offer he cannot refuse: she will help him recover his House, his name, and his daughter, if he will do one small thing for her in return... take over the Thieves' Guild of Haven.
On Dreams of Wings -- 5/24/00
Richard pays another undercover visit to Delphi, to bring Rory the news of the deal Cynara has set before him... and to try to learn from her how she might react to the possibility of his being returned to his true identity and form.
The Fate of Nemea -- 8/15/00
One week after the raid that resulted in the deaths of the Deus and Dea of House Nemea, Richard -- Julian Nemeides -- is released from Praetorian custody and returns to the welcome of a House that wants to become his once more. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 8/23/00

richard no more: julian the deus, julian the guildmaster

All That a Man Could Want -- 8/16/00
Nox comes to call upon Richard -- Julian -- in his new home in Haven, to find out what the man now leading a potentially precariously balanced double life plans to do next.
A Friend in Need -- 8/17/00
On the same night that Nox had done, another old friend of Julian's comes calling upon him... but this one comes to ask for his help and advice.
The Truth of the Blood -- 8/19/00
A Mongrel woman who'd once known Julian in his old life seeks him out in his new dwellings to investigate the truth of what he's become -- and makes a proposition of him while she's doing it.
A Midnight Intruder -- 9/5/00
The sanctity of Julian's new home in Haven is violated -- by a mysterious intruder who takes evident issue with the Rook's methods, race, name, and general existence, and who seems to have more than enough magic to get his point across.
Trust Among Thieves -- 9/17/00
Having discovered that Jenara has an inclination to thievery to match his own, Julian intercepts her when one of her attempts goes awry -- and takes the opportunity to question her about when she was planning to get around to telling him that she shared in his own illicit profession. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 12/6/00
Two Matters in Hand -- 10/15/00
Tara brings Julian word of Sabrienna having been kidnapped -- but even as she assures him she has the matter under control, she cajoles him into becoming one of her matters well in hand...
Time for Himself -- 10/17/00
The morning after her visit, Julian and Tara discuss the need for time for oneself, if one is to be truly happy.
Night of Revelry -- 10/21/00
Julian infiltrates an elaborate costume party at the Palladium, clad in a costume that draws him a considerable amount of attention even as he takes advantage of the drunkenness of the attendees to steal a bauble or two -- but as it happens, his costume is not the most daring by far...
Blood and Thievery -- 11/9/00
While he and his Mongrel servant Malcolm take Roki to see the gladiator games in Haven's arena, Julian notes a particularly intriguing young person's activities in the crowd.
Business By Night -- 11/10/00
Much to the relief of an extremely bored Julian, Nox pays an evening visit to the dwelling of House Nemea with a prosposal for a challenging -- and profitable -- way for the Thieves' Guild to amuse itself. (NOTE: An unfortunately partial scene, but the log is kept for posterity.)
The Re-Fledging of the Rook -- 12/5/00
Taking him entirely by surprise, Cynara comes to Julian's home in the middle of the night to ask of him why he has not yet called upon her to fulfill the last remaining part of the bargain between him -- and begins the work of returning to him his wings.
The Re-Fledging of the Rook (Part 2) -- 12/12/00
Cynara and Grace return to House Nemea to continue the work they have begun, restoring Julian's long-absent wings under Jenara's watchful, anxious eye -- and as his wings are restored, Julian discovers a surprising thing or two about the student of the Lady of Thorns.
By the Healer's Orders -- 12/15/00
Two days after Cynara finishes her restoration of his wings, Jenara begins the work of rousting Julian out of his exhausted slumber and getting him on his feet -- and exercising the brand new pinions he has been given, a task that becomes unexpectedly humorous for them both.

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