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plague in haven: tempers and turmoil

A Difference of Opinion -- 8/16/99
Beginning his search through the Rialto for an herb-seller that can give him a line on keeping himself plague-free, Richard clashes tempers with an irascible Sylvan girl, and comes a lot closer than is comfortable to getting hauled in by the Hounds.
The Price of Death's Avoidance -- 8/17/99
Richard has a run-in with Haven's arguably shortest merchant, in the midst of Weasel taking advantage of the recent upswing in the market for plague cures. The meeting proves profitable for Weasel, but whether it's got profit in store for Richard is open to debate...
The Fires of Life -- 8/18/99
At the Siren's Song, worried about an ailing friend, Richard makes the acquaintance of an unusually perceptive -- and compassionate -- young Mongrel woman.
Unexpected Downtime -- 8/19/99
At the Siren's Song, a weary Richard offers the ragged young Empyrean Hebe a lead on where she might be able to get assistance with the care of her wings--while Tara takes it upon herself to make sure Richard gets some sorely needed care of his own.
Disturbing Discovery -- 9/1/99
Nox discovers that Richard has succumbed to the plague -- and that the owner of the place where he lives has a less than compassionate attitude towards his tenant's illness, as well as the rest of the inhabitants of his building.
A Clash of Compassion -- 9/4/99
Rory, Nox, and Cynara all converge on Richard's flat, all intent on making certain he is healed of the illness that's gripped him -- and even as the Mongrel and the two Empyreans argue over the sick man, each of them receives hints of something about Richard none of them had previously guessed.
A Matter of Something Missing -- 9/5/99
Having healed him of the plague, Cynara has a conversation with Richard afterward about a little oddity she sensed during her use of her magic.
The Honesty of Auvrey -- 9/7/99
As Richard begins to get back on his feet following his healing, he discovers the lovely young Mongrel Rory is responsible for bringing him new clothes and for continuing to look after Roki and Elette--and that furthermore, she knows what he inadvertantly revealed of himself in his delirium.
Rhetoric, Rats, and Riots -- 9/16/99
Richard and his two Mongrel wards are among the spectators when one of the most charismatic and outspoken leaders of Avalon, Thomas Murako, gives a speech in the Rialto to try to rally people to his cause -- but when a horde of rats is released into their midst, the crowd already made short of temper by the travails of the plague descends into a riot.

the rook in recovery, and who finds him there

Rescue in the Dark of Night -- 10/15/99
When Richard is ambushed in Bordertown by the thief Southpaw Rolf, Rory is on hand to not only call off Rolf's associate -- but also to kill Rolf for Richard, and to help the wounded Rook back to his dwelling.
Matters of Faith -- 10/17/99
Coming back to check on the wounded Richard, Rory finds herself skirting round matters of his past as well as her religion in conversation with him.
Jenean Comes Calling -- 10/21/99
Rory is not the only one to come calling upon Richard as he recovers from the knife wound he's gotten. Unlike Rory, Jenean will not be denied when she insists on bringing him a healer -- though she lets the Rook get away with calling her Jen.
A Matter of Back Payment Due -- 10/27/99
A third visitor comes to the convalescing Richard -- the pint-sized Mongrel merchant Weasel, who insists upon payment owed him for the plague cure he'd sold the Rook, and who brings four large friends with him to drive his argument home.
A Most Unusual Errand of Mercy -- 11/9/99
Jenean makes good on her promise to bring Richard a healer: her own beloved Amber. But although the Sylvan woman attends the wounded man quite diligently, her ministrations (with some help from Jenean) soon take on another flavor entirely...
Revelations and Reassurance -- 11/11/99
When he wakes up in the intimate company of Amber and Jenean, Richard must figure out how to deal with having inadvertantly revealed his true nature to the two women from the Siren's Song.

trifold terrors: storm and shaking and beast of the sea

Earthquake in the Rialto -- 11/13/99
Richard is among the throng caught in the marketplace in the heart of Haven when the earth rises up beneath them all, wreaking havoc upon a city already reeling from the shocks of magic gone awry.
Battle at the Beach -- 11/16/99
A great number of the men and women of Haven -- from the God-King himself down to Richard, a Mongrel trader of dubious reputation -- band together on the shores of the city to defend it against the attack of a monstrous sea beast.

nemea in haven: old shadows, new scores

Faces from the Past -- 11/23/99
Richard's business with Sabrienna in the Rialto is interrupted by his noting the presence of an Empyrean Dea out on her business -- and her apparently darkling daughter.
A Matter of Fresh Bread -- 11/23/99
Shaken by who and what he's seen in the Rialto, Richard retreats to the Siren's Song -- only to discover that his shocks for the day aren't quite over yet.
A Night for Secrets, a Night for Dalliance -- 11/24/99
After his argument with Cynara, Richard finds Nox in the Siren's Song and verbally fences for a while with the darkling, who is quite intrigued by the Rook's reaction to House Nemea's presence in Haven -- but the men are soon enough distracted by the pleasures of the Song.
For the Good of the Soul -- 11/30/99
When an exhausted Richard comes to seek her out late in the night, Rory persuades him to come take his rest in her quarters... learns from him a critical part of his past as well as something of his present... and as she admits to feeling desire for him, persuades him as well to spend the night in her bed and in her arms.
For the Good of the Heart -- 12/1/99
The following morning in Rory's quarters, Richard and the Mongrel beauty speak further of their mutual desire -- and at last decide to act upon it.
Daughter of the Darkling -- 12/2/99
Richard follows Dulcinea and her servants and children to the old city garden, but once there he is discovered by the black-haired, white-winged Moirae as well as Moirae's mother -- and when he confronts Dulcinea about their past, she confirms for him that Moirae is indeed his daughter.
A Night for Forgetting -- 12/3/99
After his attempt to spy upon the members of House Nemea results in what is arguably the second biggest shock he's ever received, Richard seeks the mindless pleasures of drink and feminine company in the Siren's Song.
A Morning for Memory -- 12/3/99
Richard wakes up in Tara's arms, the morning after -- and finds out the extent of the trustworthiness of the girls Jenean employs.
The Meeting of Past and Present -- 12/4/99
His old history and his current obligations come face to face for the first time as, in the Rialto, Richard discovers what Roki and Elette were up to while he was trysting with Tara at the Song -- and that his newly discovered daughter isn't about to stay out of his vicinity.
Facing His Daughter -- 12/7/99
At the Pantheon in Haven's Empyrean quarter, a reluctant Richard meets with the Mongrel Jenara of House Nemea--and Moirae, his daughter. And even as he must figure out how to face his own offspring, young Moirae shocks him with an unexpected request.
The Grounded Rook -- 12/9/99
A seeress of Delphi is presented with a disturbing vision -- and Richard discovers that even his secrets are no proof against the right kind of magic.
The Rook Consoles a Bard -- 12/16/99
At the Siren's Song, Richard discovers a Mongrel bard fretting over the whereabouts of his healer beloved -- and finds to his surprise that he has a great deal in common with Lyre Talespinner.

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