Mender Logs

Healing the Airwalker (Part 1) -- 6/30/95
The wrapstuffed Rayek is found in Sorrow's End, and healed by Mender.
Healing the Airwalker (Part 2) -- July 1995
Ekuar helps begin to restore Rayek's ability to send.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 1) -- 11/3/95
Rayek and the elves from the Palace arrive in Sorrow's End.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 4) -- 11/5/95
Rayek ventures out into the Festival, but is overwrought by the healers' combined presences. Ynderra, Leetah, and Trollkiller try to comfort him, but Leetah flees; Trollkiller remains to give Rayek an in-depth massage while Ekuar and Ynderra slip out.
Rillwhisper at the Festival -- 11/5/95
Rillwhisper at the Festival of Flood and Flower. Much dancing, two Recognitions.
Talek at the Festival -- 11/5/95
While Talek has a word with Rhentagoth at the Festival of Flood and Flower, Ynderra playfully amuses herself with Startoucher's company and Cutter and Spidersilk amuse themselves with the pole-balancing game.