A few recent frequently asked questions

I flung a few questions at my editor, and she got back to me. So FYI, y’all:

Q: When will Faerie Blood be on Amazon?

A: “Amazon is VERY slow at getting books up, expect it to take about 2 weeks.”

To which I will add that since FB came out just this past Monday, I’ll expect it to be at least another week if not longer. So in the meantime if you’re a Kindle owner and you want the book, your options are a) buy off of mobipocket.com, or b) buy the Mobi edition off of drolleriepress.com.

Note also that my editor says: “The mobipocket on the bookshop is manageable by the Kindle. The one on the mobipocket store is harder because it has DRM.”

Q: The Drollerie store’s asking for personal data from me! How else can I buy the book?

A: Again from my editor: “If anyone wants to buy the book but doesn’t want to open an account, they can send the payment to accounts@drollerie.com through PayPal and note what it’s for and the format they want and I’ll send it to them.”

Formats currently available are PDF, Mobi, and Microsoft Reader.

Thanks to for providing this data!