A few quick site updates and one great big announcement

First and foremost, re: that poll I had up for y’all the other day, I have reached a formal decision. For reasons I still can’t tell you about yet (but which I will be doing ASAP), y’all should look for the name of Angela Highland to be coming into play on this site in the near future, probably later this summer. I’ve already bought the domain name angelahighland.com, which as of right now redirects on my servers to angelakorrati.com, so nobody has to worry yet about changing any bookmarks. Stand by for further news on this as I can give it.

Meanwhile, given that Faerie Blood has gone out in ebook form to Kickstarter backers and the print copies are Very Very Nigh, I have taken the liberty of updating Faerie Blood’s official page with updated information about it. The beautiful new cover is there, as well as links to the four sample chapters I provided to Kickstarter backers. I’ve refreshed the data about my offer to hand-sell ebook copies to people until I can deploy for general release. And I’ve put in a bit about what to expect for how to get the print copies as well. This page will be updated again as soon as the book becomes generally available, so keep an eye on that link as well as my update posts!

On a related note, I’ve also updated the sidebar to properly reflect the Very Very Nigh-ness of the release of the Second Edition, and also just because I wanted to give the new cover some prominence on the front page of the site!

Lastly, I updated my In Progress page with a couple of tweaks to the information on Lament of the Dove, as well as adding Mirror’s Gate since it wasn’t in there before.

And now, I CAN share with you the first of the Things I Haven’t Been Able to Tell You About Yet because important pieces of paper have been signed. Here we go, drumroll if you please:

I have an agent! I have accepted literary representation from Miriam Kriss at the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, who will be working with me on the Other Thing I Can’t Tell You About Yet but will be ASAP! Miriam came to me highly recommended, and I was very, very fortunate to get a chance to query her. Y’all may take it as read that I am MASSIVELY EXCITED, to levels I normally reserve for imminent Great Big Sea and Le Vent du Nord concerts!

Watch this space for more revelations as I can share them, in between updates about deploying all the Kickstarter goodies! This, O Internets, is shaping up to be one HELL of a summer!

Hello Norwescon!

Taking a moment to put up a post before having dinner, just to say that I’ve left assorted business cards on the freebie table and the flyer rack here at Norwescon. If anybody happens to pick one up and comes by this site to visit, hello and welcome, and I hope your convention is being awesome so far!

If you HAVE come by because of Norwescon and you’re interested in buying my book, arrange to find me before EOD on Sunday and I’ll sell you one of my small number of Faerie Blood CDs. That will get you an ePub AND a PDF of the book, both DRM-free, along with a free short story, “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”. I’m offering Norwescon attendees a special price of $5 per disk!

So say hi if you are at the con and you see this, and tell me how your con is going! Better yet, find me and do it in person. :)

A few recent frequently asked questions

I flung a few questions at my editor, and she got back to me. So FYI, y’all:

Q: When will Faerie Blood be on Amazon?

A: “Amazon is VERY slow at getting books up, expect it to take about 2 weeks.”

To which I will add that since FB came out just this past Monday, I’ll expect it to be at least another week if not longer. So in the meantime if you’re a Kindle owner and you want the book, your options are a) buy off of mobipocket.com, or b) buy the Mobi edition off of drolleriepress.com.

Note also that my editor says: “The mobipocket on the bookshop is manageable by the Kindle. The one on the mobipocket store is harder because it has DRM.”

Q: The Drollerie store’s asking for personal data from me! How else can I buy the book?

A: Again from my editor: “If anyone wants to buy the book but doesn’t want to open an account, they can send the payment to accounts@drollerie.com through PayPal and note what it’s for and the format they want and I’ll send it to them.”

Formats currently available are PDF, Mobi, and Microsoft Reader.

Thanks to for providing this data!

If you’re waiting for the Kindle version of FB

… I beg your patience! I’ve already asked when it’s due on Amazon, but I don’t have an answer on that yet. In the meantime, I know of at least two people who have already purchased the book off of mobipocket.com and converted it to Kindle format. So that’s doable if you have the time and the know-how!

Could anyone who’s done a mobi->Kindle conversion drop a comment on this post and let others know how it’s done? Many thanks!

Whoa! I’m on Goodreads!

Faerie Blood has now made it into the database up on Goodreads, and it wasn’t even entered in by me! There it is right there with cover art and everything! I’ve jumped on it to see about getting myself associated with the book entry as its author, which should be neat and stuff. You’ll see me with a star by my name as soon as they set that up for me. In the meantime, I stuck the feed for angelakorrati.com in on the author profile data associated with the book, since I have librarian access on the site.

Y’all will have to pardon me while I have me another whomperjaw moment, and sternly remind myself not to be checking Amazon every five minutes to see whether I’ve shown up there too!

Wait, WHAT, Faerie Blood is nigh?!

So we had our monthly chat on drolleriepress.com tonight, and some of the first words my editor greeted me with were “Faerie Blood is coming out this weekend!”

My jaw dropped. I boggled. I pointed out I haven’t even seen cover art yet, but Deena swears up and down the book is imminent. I don’t know if we’ll pull this off yet, given that this is a holiday weekend, but keep your fingers crossed, folks! The book may in fact be about to drop.

And speaking of this month’s blog tour

I’ve written another character vignette for the Faerie Blood universe, which Cindy Speer is kindly hosting for me!

You can meet my hero Christopher’s mother, and see her forced to make a very difficult decision over here. Also, there is a bouzouki!

Go check it out, folks, and while you’re there, say hi to Cindy and check out her site and her work, too. Tell her I sent ya.

Faerie Blood RC1 has now shipped

Well, to its intended audience of one, anyway: my editor!

Finished off the last four chapters tonight, which went a lot faster than I expected since there was hardly anything for me to go over in the main climax of the story. I had a couple of tweaks I wanted to put in the final tying-up-all-the-loose-ends chapter, but other than that, pretty much nothin’. So I’ve fired the file off to Deena, and now get to commence a) being fidgety about the next round of reviewing, and b) trying to make myself not be fidgety and working on Lament instead.

But this is another milestone, people. We’re getting that much closer!