Blogging at Here Be Magic today!

Hey folks! Surfacing from Norwescon long enough to report that my very first contribution to the Here Be Magic blog has gone up today! I’m being relaxed and groovy, and talking a bit about Valor of the Healer as well as Faerie Blood, and mentioning a few of the ways I’m shooting for equality and balance in my work. It’s no accident that both of my heroines of record, to date, are elves who are not white.

And being, well, ME, I also mention a few of the ways I love to geek out!

Come on over and say hi! I AM at Norwescon so I’m only able to pay erratic attention to the comments right now, but I’ll be trying to answer any comments as the weekend progresses and I have time in between convention programming. :)

Many thanks to my fellow Here Be Magic authors for spreading the word!

What I’ve been doing lately instead of writing

Anybody who knows me at all knows I am a raving fan of Great Big Sea, the folk band from Canada. And anybody who pays attention to GBS’ various official online presences will know that they have a karaoke video contest in progress for their fans!

Last night, my partner and I uploaded our entry for the contest–and its related blooper reel! I have a full post about it on my personal blog over here. And if you want to see the videos directly, you can check ’em out here on my YouTube account!

If you read and liked Faerie Blood, please consider checking out the videos! Great Big Sea was a huge influence on the development of that book, and Christopher in particular. And stick around–’cause if we get onto the finalists list, determined by judges, then it’ll be up to popular vote to see who wins. And I’ll be calling on you all for help!

Did I mention the part where the prize for the contest is four spots on the band’s guest list to one of their forthcoming shows? Consider that mentioned! And always, folks, I thank you for your support! :D

(Not crossposted anywhere, because if you follow me elsewhere, you’ll have seen me squeeing about this already! And once the contest is over, I swear I’ll get back to working on Bone Walker!)

A few recent frequently asked questions

I flung a few questions at my editor, and she got back to me. So FYI, y’all:

Q: When will Faerie Blood be on Amazon?

A: “Amazon is VERY slow at getting books up, expect it to take about 2 weeks.”

To which I will add that since FB came out just this past Monday, I’ll expect it to be at least another week if not longer. So in the meantime if you’re a Kindle owner and you want the book, your options are a) buy off of, or b) buy the Mobi edition off of

Note also that my editor says: “The mobipocket on the bookshop is manageable by the Kindle. The one on the mobipocket store is harder because it has DRM.”

Q: The Drollerie store’s asking for personal data from me! How else can I buy the book?

A: Again from my editor: “If anyone wants to buy the book but doesn’t want to open an account, they can send the payment to through PayPal and note what it’s for and the format they want and I’ll send it to them.”

Formats currently available are PDF, Mobi, and Microsoft Reader.

Thanks to for providing this data!

If you’re waiting for the Kindle version of FB

… I beg your patience! I’ve already asked when it’s due on Amazon, but I don’t have an answer on that yet. In the meantime, I know of at least two people who have already purchased the book off of and converted it to Kindle format. So that’s doable if you have the time and the know-how!

Could anyone who’s done a mobi->Kindle conversion drop a comment on this post and let others know how it’s done? Many thanks!

Whoa! I’m on Goodreads!

Faerie Blood has now made it into the database up on Goodreads, and it wasn’t even entered in by me! There it is right there with cover art and everything! I’ve jumped on it to see about getting myself associated with the book entry as its author, which should be neat and stuff. You’ll see me with a star by my name as soon as they set that up for me. In the meantime, I stuck the feed for in on the author profile data associated with the book, since I have librarian access on the site.

Y’all will have to pardon me while I have me another whomperjaw moment, and sternly remind myself not to be checking Amazon every five minutes to see whether I’ve shown up there too!

Wait, WHAT, Faerie Blood is nigh?!

So we had our monthly chat on tonight, and some of the first words my editor greeted me with were “Faerie Blood is coming out this weekend!”

My jaw dropped. I boggled. I pointed out I haven’t even seen cover art yet, but Deena swears up and down the book is imminent. I don’t know if we’ll pull this off yet, given that this is a holiday weekend, but keep your fingers crossed, folks! The book may in fact be about to drop.

Faerie Blood RC1 has now shipped

Well, to its intended audience of one, anyway: my editor!

Finished off the last four chapters tonight, which went a lot faster than I expected since there was hardly anything for me to go over in the main climax of the story. I had a couple of tweaks I wanted to put in the final tying-up-all-the-loose-ends chapter, but other than that, pretty much nothin’. So I’ve fired the file off to Deena, and now get to commence a) being fidgety about the next round of reviewing, and b) trying to make myself not be fidgety and working on Lament instead.

But this is another milestone, people. We’re getting that much closer!

Not to be distracted by the blog tour or anything

But editing of Faerie Blood RC1 does continue! Two chapters knocked out tonight with reasonably little pain; in particular, I was really rather satisfied to observe that the sequence at the beginning of Chapter 18 where Kendis and Christopher jam was almost entirely untouched. A little bit more tweaking needed to be done in 19, both from my editor and from stuff I noticed myself. I’ve found myself yanking out a lot of ellipses and adding in contractions–a result, I think, of me having spent so much time these last many months editing the hell out of Lament.

I won’t significantly reduce Faerie Blood‘s word count, I think, but fortunately I don’t have too. We’re holding pretty steady around 97K, which is a nice fast read! If I do say so myself.

Edited tonight: Up through Chapter 19; four more chapters to go!

Faerie Blood RC1, and Blog Tour tomorrow!

Only one chapter tonight, but that’s okay, because some of my writing-related time this evening went into finalizing the next post I’ll be putting up for tomorrow’s Drollerie Blog Tour! Y’all be sure to come by and see what I’ll be posting on behalf of Joely Sue Burkhart, giving y’all a glimpse of Marshal Herakles from Beautiful Death.

Went through Chapter 17 tonight, as well as tweaking a couple of small things in previous chapters to clear up things that niggled at me through this edit pass. And it has occurred to me, after all the yammering I’ve done about writing a book being a lot like doing a software release, that this is pretty much RC1 for this book. This brings me lulz.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace tomorrow evening. I’m feeling a little off-kilter and am really hoping I’m not coming down with whatever crud is going around at work. Now is really not the time. Besides, I’ve got Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 4 DVDs to look forward to as my incentive for getting done with this edit pass! I can’t keel over now!

Edited tonight: Up through Chapter 17. Six more chapters to go!

Tonight’s editing report

The Editing Marathon of a Whole Bunch of Editing continued through most of today. I didn’t get all the way to the end of the book–but I did make it about two-thirds of the way through.

Most of the changes my editor’s asked for continue to be small. Amusingly, though, a couple of the side characters have now been tweaked a bit. Jude’s ethnicity has changed a bit and Carson is now a Seattle native; I decided I needed a bit more representation of Seattle-born characters in the cast, in no small part because both of Seattle’s Warders in this book aren’t from Seattle at all.

Out of general technical interest I tried briefly to load my revision version of the manuscript into Open Office, just to see whether it would handle all the change-tracking stuff. The answer to this question, for those of you who might be interested, is “somewhat”. I did notice that the program had noted various changes that had been done, displaying the old text with strikethrough and the new text in blue. But it wasn’t nearly as cleanly handled as it is in Word.

So I guess when any future manuscripts of mine go into beta reading mode or (fingers crossed) being edited by actual editors, I’ll need to stick to Word for change tracking purposes. It’s just too damned useful that way.

Edited today and tonight: Up to the end of Chapter 16. Seven more chapters to go!