Ladies and gentlemen, our GBS contest entry is LIVE

On behalf of my jamming group, I now present to you “Nothing But a Song”, as performed by Twelve Good Measures, featuring Crime and the Forces of Evil!


Now comes the waiting for the entry round to close–and after that, the selection of finalists! Keep your fingers crossed that our vid will make the cut, people! ‘Cause if it does, I will be shamelessly, and I DO MEAN SHAMELESSLY, campaigning for your support. I mentioned the part where the grand prize of this shindig is four spots on the band’s guest list at a show of the winner’s choice, right?

Remember, folks, a vote for Twelve Good Measures is a vote for my head exploding RIGHT OFF MY SHOULDERS with squee. Because proximity to Alan Doyle will do that. I have experienced it before and lived to tell the tale!

And oh yes, we’ve got more. Oh my yes. Here, have lulz to go with your contest video!


5 Replies to “Ladies and gentlemen, our GBS contest entry is LIVE”

  1. Hee! Good job! well if you get into the finalists section then I will vote for you ’cause I’m in the video! I saw myself during the crowd shots of bouncing people at the seattle show and my mum in line for said show, hee. :)

    1. Wooo, thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty sure Dara got a few of the OKP crowd at the zoo in that shot of the queue and the two of the crowd at the end. :)

    2. To my amusement, even though I was standing RIGHT BEHIND Dara and Anna at the Woodland Park show, I didn’t end up in those images.

      And yet I’m pretty sure I can see my head, rows away up near the stage, on the still image from the Fortune’s Favour tour show. (Since I was sitting in the front row a bit to the right of Alan, I’m reasonably certain the shortish person just right of Alan, whose head is barely visible, is me.)


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