Hello Norwescon!

Taking a moment to put up a post before having dinner, just to say that I’ve left assorted business cards on the freebie table and the flyer rack here at Norwescon. If anybody happens to pick one up and comes by this site to visit, hello and welcome, and I hope your convention is being awesome so far!

If you HAVE come by because of Norwescon and you’re interested in buying my book, arrange to find me before EOD on Sunday and I’ll sell you one of my small number of Faerie Blood CDs. That will get you an ePub AND a PDF of the book, both DRM-free, along with a free short story, “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”. I’m offering Norwescon attendees a special price of $5 per disk!

So say hi if you are at the con and you see this, and tell me how your con is going! Better yet, find me and do it in person. :)

Books and readings and signings FTW!

So I went to Third Place Books tonight for a reading and signing by the mighty userinfocmpriest, who read one of the very best little bits from Boneshaker, and who then answered a lot of questions and signed quite a lot of books. Far and away, hands down, the best question answered was that yes, there will be a sequel to Boneshaker. Which I’d actually already seen her mention on her blog/LJ posts about its progress, but I hadn’t realized it was Boneshaker‘s sequel! Anyway, it’s coming. It’s called Dreadnought. I will be waiting for it with bells on.

Also happened to see userinfocaitkitt there, so I thanked her for sending the e-arc of Street Magic to me, and picked up a couple more books of hers while I was there. In print, since I’m trying to keep the Seattle-based authors on the Buy In Print list!

But on a related note, I also asked the staff about their shiny new POD machine–with, of course, an eye to whether they could print Drollerie books. I had the guy at the info desk do a couple of searches, but sadly, it looks like Drollerie books are NOT in its database. So assuming that Faerie Blood joins the Drollerie print roster, the only option will be to order it. If the situation changes I will of course let folks know.

Meanwhile I must note that the following books have now been purchased by me:

In print:

  • Demon Bound and Witch Craft, by Caitlinn Kittredge

In e-book:

  • Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament, by S.G. Browne

And, since Fictionwise is having a massive and I mean MASSIVE sale for the end of the year (to the tune of everything between 40 and 60% off, so if you haven’t bought Faerie Blood yet now would be a REALLY GOOD TIME, not like I’m hinting or anything okay yeah well I am), I’m probably about to do another e-book run. A good chunk of this will be buying stuff by Morgan Howell, because I just read Book 1 of his Queen of the Orcs trilogy and liked it quite a bit.

Until then, the yearly books purchased tally is now up to 173.

A few recent frequently asked questions

I flung a few questions at my editor, and she got back to me. So FYI, y’all:

Q: When will Faerie Blood be on Amazon?

A: “Amazon is VERY slow at getting books up, expect it to take about 2 weeks.”

To which I will add that since FB came out just this past Monday, I’ll expect it to be at least another week if not longer. So in the meantime if you’re a Kindle owner and you want the book, your options are a) buy off of mobipocket.com, or b) buy the Mobi edition off of drolleriepress.com.

Note also that my editor says: “The mobipocket on the bookshop is manageable by the Kindle. The one on the mobipocket store is harder because it has DRM.”

Q: The Drollerie store’s asking for personal data from me! How else can I buy the book?

A: Again from my editor: “If anyone wants to buy the book but doesn’t want to open an account, they can send the payment to accounts@drollerie.com through PayPal and note what it’s for and the format they want and I’ll send it to them.”

Formats currently available are PDF, Mobi, and Microsoft Reader.

Thanks to for providing this data!