Faerie Blood Casting Call

I’d previously tossed this around trying to brainstorm ideas for the Drollerie blog tour posts, and I’m probably jumping the gun to post it now… but what the hey. I can’t resist. Herein is my current dream cast for the movie version of Faerie Blood that plays in my brain. It is of course subject to alteration at whim:

Kendis: I’ve waffled back and forth on who should play her. Right now I’m leaning to Freema Agyeman, only with redder hair and an American accent.

Christopher: Russell Crowe, aged 32, and looking as much like Cort in The Quick and the Dead as possible, only with a Newfoundland accent. And a bouzouki.

Jude: Ooh, tough call. In no small part because Jude in my brain is sort of a cross between two awesome actual people I know. I’d need somebody short and stocky and no-nonsense.

Elessir: Also hard to cast! But should be able to pull off not only looking like an elf, but looking like an elf who looks like Elvis, and most importantly, has enough sublime and lofty arrogance that he makes it look good. Black hair and blue eyes are a must.

Millie: K Callan, the actress who played Martha Kent in Lois and Clark.

Aggie: Honestly, if she weren’t too young for the role, I’d say Gina Torres. Maybe drop another thirty years on her. She’s got the sort of determined strength about her that seems right for Aggie, and plus, I think Aggie was absolutely that gorgeous when she was a young woman.

Carson: Despite this character’s name inevitably reminding me of Queer Eye for the Straight Eye, my Carson is a lot rougher and craggier-looking. He’s kind of Harrison-Ford-y, circa Clear and Present Danger, maybe.

Jake: Jet Li, minus about ten years.

Malandor: Hugo Weaving, only with red hair.

Melisanda: Nicole Kidman.

Tarrant: I think this is the only character I don’t have any real idea for; when I think of him, what comes to mind honestly is the fair-haired male of the High Ones in Elfquest, way back in the first graphic novel. This is what he gets for being a bit part.

Amelialoren: Cate Blanchett.

Luciriel: Michelle Pfeiffer.

I think that’s everybody of interest. It’ll be amusing to see how this changes as I work on Book 2.