Faerie Blood sequel underway

Out of the general hope of kicking my muse in the head until it starts producing work consistently for me again, I have decided as of this week to add Faerie Bones, the first planned sequel to Faerie Blood, to the list of works in progress.

And as of tonight, I have a couple hundred words in it. It will probably surprise no one reading this that the first line of Chapter 1 is “A HA ME BOYS A RIDDLE AYE DAY!” If you recognize that line, you’ll figure out pretty quickly where Christopher and Kendis are at the start of the chapter. If you don’t, go listen to “Lukey” by Great Big Sea, preferably the cut off their fine concert album Road Rage.

I don’t know how long it’ll take me to actually write this story, though. It has to stay pretty far down on the queue for the time being, just because Lament is under active editing and impending re-querying, and Queen of Souls is in its second draft. Plus, I need to get some serious outline notes going to figure out exactly what’s going on in this book.

But hey. This is a start.

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  1. Hehehe. Have you heard the version they do of “Lukey” with The Chieftains??


    It’s on The Chieftain’s album, “Fire in the Kitchen,” if you’re interested. :)

    1. Way, way, way ahead of you; I’ve owned Fire in the Kitchen for years, and that is in fact my favorite version of “Lukey”! It is indeed awesome. The whole album is full of Win, really.

    1. They are on my radar as under investigation! My partner and I bought their first album not long after Titanic came out and we both were a tad disappointed by it, but I’ve recently heard the second album and thought that it was much improved. And I do keep hearing good things about them.

  2. Oh, they’re awesome. I own all their albums with the exception of Special Reserve and their latest one (not sure what it’s titled), and they truly get better with time. :) Their first CD was pretty trad., but each one they’ve done since they’ve added original songs to.

    Hubby took me to see them in concert last year on Valentine’s day, and I thought the coolest thing was, they are as good live as they are on cd.

    1. Right on. I was amused to hear in fact that Gaelic Storm was on the same recent cruise with Great Big Sea, the Ships and Dips cruise. ;) I need to be going on one of these, I think. And my friend seimaisin on LJ is a huge GS fan, too. She has spoken well of their concerts.

      Special Reserve does get mentioned a lot when I hear good things about Gaelic Storm. And yeah, I think some of the original material on Tree was stuff I liked better than the purely trad stuff. Also a good idea for them to vary up who sings lead on what, it made that whole album a rather richer vocal experience all around.

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