February Blog Tour and other housekeepy updates

Ladies and gents, the next Drollerie Blog Tour has been confirmed. This time around we will be posting on the topic of “Origin Stories”–not only about how we all decided to become writers, but also about how our books and characters sprang to life. Be on the lookout for posts from many of last month’s participants, but this time around, Heather Ingemar and David Sklar as well!

Posts go live on February 28th. Hope you’ll come by and say hi to all of us.

Meanwhile, y’all may note that angelakorrati.com (for those of you who may be reading this on LJ or JournalFen) has switched themes, mostly because I was in the mood. Also, I’ve added a bunch more names to the sidebar, not only of fellow Drollerie authors, but also of authors who are in general Nifty, and who you should definitely be reading. Enjoy!

4 Replies to “February Blog Tour and other housekeepy updates”

    1. You are very welcome! Yeah, I wanted to get in links for all the Drollerie authors to help promote the blog tours and stuff. Very easy to add them; WordPress FTW!

  1. Ooh, and I’m there, too. Thanks!

    I need to figure out how to tinker with my sidebar so that I can add some links to people that won’t categorize them as places or things….

    1. You are very welcome! :) And heh, I’m still figuring out all the niceties of what I want where on this thing, as well as what further content I’ll be adding. I really do groove on this interface though.

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