Site update

I have a new background graphic — drawn and scanned in and thrown through Photoshop by me, and it’s simple, but I’m proud of it. It may be distributed around the net at will, but be nice and tell me if you swipe it. ;) I wanted to lose the leaf-border graphic as it was causing some table weirdness I couldn’t figure out in Netscape.

I’ve also updated my job status on my bio, for anybody who actually pays attention to such things.

And y’all may notice the niftykeen wolf graphic I have on my index now; this is from Theresa Robeson, creator of the forthcoming Wolfrider’s Guide to Elfquest, and it is her Recognition Award for excellence in Elfquest-related sites. Now, my site isn’t particularly Elfquest-related, but hey, who am I to argue with pretty pictures of wolves? :)