Site update announcement

This is my official post to note that as of the beginning of the new year, I’ll be doing the majority of my posting on my other blog, which is about to shift primary domains from to This is to consolidate my posting activity, and to make it easier for people who are reading my books to keep up with what I post about. will stay online, but future posts here will probably be much more infrequent. If I post here, it’ll be likely to be about maintenance of content here such as occasional updates to my old MUSH log archive, or other seriously niche things on my part.

For the majority of my book and music and fangirly content, though, please go visit!

A few quick site updates and one great big announcement

First and foremost, re: that poll I had up for y’all the other day, I have reached a formal decision. For reasons I still can’t tell you about yet (but which I will be doing ASAP), y’all should look for the name of Angela Highland to be coming into play on this site in the near future, probably later this summer. I’ve already bought the domain name, which as of right now redirects on my servers to, so nobody has to worry yet about changing any bookmarks. Stand by for further news on this as I can give it.

Meanwhile, given that Faerie Blood has gone out in ebook form to Kickstarter backers and the print copies are Very Very Nigh, I have taken the liberty of updating Faerie Blood’s official page with updated information about it. The beautiful new cover is there, as well as links to the four sample chapters I provided to Kickstarter backers. I’ve refreshed the data about my offer to hand-sell ebook copies to people until I can deploy for general release. And I’ve put in a bit about what to expect for how to get the print copies as well. This page will be updated again as soon as the book becomes generally available, so keep an eye on that link as well as my update posts!

On a related note, I’ve also updated the sidebar to properly reflect the Very Very Nigh-ness of the release of the Second Edition, and also just because I wanted to give the new cover some prominence on the front page of the site!

Lastly, I updated my In Progress page with a couple of tweaks to the information on Lament of the Dove, as well as adding Mirror’s Gate since it wasn’t in there before.

And now, I CAN share with you the first of the Things I Haven’t Been Able to Tell You About Yet because important pieces of paper have been signed. Here we go, drumroll if you please:

I have an agent! I have accepted literary representation from Miriam Kriss at the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, who will be working with me on the Other Thing I Can’t Tell You About Yet but will be ASAP! Miriam came to me highly recommended, and I was very, very fortunate to get a chance to query her. Y’all may take it as read that I am MASSIVELY EXCITED, to levels I normally reserve for imminent Great Big Sea and Le Vent du Nord concerts!

Watch this space for more revelations as I can share them, in between updates about deploying all the Kickstarter goodies! This, O Internets, is shaping up to be one HELL of a summer!

Assorted bits of housekeeping

Did some work this afternoon and evening during the Super Bowl to clean up various bits of as well as the journals it mirrors out to. This included:

  • Deleting my InsaneJournal account; don’t really need it since I’m on both JournalFen and Dreamwidth, and nobody ever answers my posts on IJ
  • Un-mirroring a lot of older posts from off of LJ, DW, and JF
  • Changed my theme on LJ just because I was tired of looking at the old one
  • Finally bought a paid account on Dreamwidth, just because of their general awesomeness
  • Updated my sidebar links a bit on JF just to link off to the other sections of my little web of journals
  • And, on, fixed some broken links by instituting a WordPress plugin contact form on my re-instated Contact page; also, re-instated my long-missing Nethack page, which is mostly there to commemorate my still one and only Ascension

Slowly re-instating a bunch of old missing content on as well, just for giggles and because I can. The GBS, TOFOG, Filk, and Sonnets sections are on the way back eventually.

Some end-of-year site housekeeping

So just because I can, I’ve been waking up old broken parts of this web site (, for those of you reading this on LJ or DW), bits that were never properly integrated into WordPress. Since I’ve got a handy link-checking plugin installed, this has been a lot easier than I thought it would be; I’ve just had to go through and fix a lot of broken links, and in some cases, restore content that’s been absent for some time.

Right now, this primarily means reinstating my Great Big Sea page, and a couple of its child pages as well–most notably, the Pictures page, since I found a nifty plugin that lets WordPress easily talk to Flickr. And I do still have several lovely collections of pictures from various Great Big Sea shows which some kind folks had given me permission to post (userinfomamishka and userinfofredpdx, I’m lookin’ at you!). You can see a nice example of the plugin in action, not to mention some nice pics of Great Big Sea in Vancouver from 2003, here.

I’ve also reinstated the Sitemap, the Credits page (with proper updated references to nifty plugins and things I’m using these days), and the Journal section (although this is primarily a pointer off to my LJ and a place to link to posts I wrote before I ever had a proper blog).