Assorted bits of housekeeping

Did some work this afternoon and evening during the Super Bowl to clean up various bits of as well as the journals it mirrors out to. This included:

  • Deleting my InsaneJournal account; don’t really need it since I’m on both JournalFen and Dreamwidth, and nobody ever answers my posts on IJ
  • Un-mirroring a lot of older posts from off of LJ, DW, and JF
  • Changed my theme on LJ just because I was tired of looking at the old one
  • Finally bought a paid account on Dreamwidth, just because of their general awesomeness
  • Updated my sidebar links a bit on JF just to link off to the other sections of my little web of journals
  • And, on, fixed some broken links by instituting a WordPress plugin contact form on my re-instated Contact page; also, re-instated my long-missing Nethack page, which is mostly there to commemorate my still one and only Ascension

Slowly re-instating a bunch of old missing content on as well, just for giggles and because I can. The GBS, TOFOG, Filk, and Sonnets sections are on the way back eventually.