Quick book roundup!

Yoinked for free from B&N’s ebook store:

  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales, by the Brothers Grimm. Self-explanatory!
  • The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. ‘Cause who knows, I might eventually read this again.

Picked up from Amazon because it’s not available for the nook, and because Amazon’s customer service was awesome to me:

  • The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten, by Harrison Geillor. Which I daresay is going to be every bit as silly as the title and pseudonym suggest!

Purchased in print from B&N:

  • In the Skin of a Lion, by Michael Ondaatje. A prequel of sorts to The English Patient, which I remember liking; this book in particular was recommended by !
  • Brat Farrar, by Josephine Tey. Positively reviewed on tor.com by Jo Walton, and more recently spoken of favorably to me by !
  • Redeeming the Lost, by Elizabeth Kerner. Fantasy. Book 3 of a series I haven’t gone past Book 1 in yet, but I want to eventually get to it, and this does I believe predate ebooks. (Mostly. Book 1’s apparently finally been released to the Kindle and the nook, anyway.)

Total for the year: 369!

Shiny big bonus ebook roundup!

It will or at least SHOULD surprise none of you that since I was handed a raise and a review bonus, in addition to getting my shiny new guitar, I also cut a big swath through my ebook wishlist! Drum roll, if you please:

  • Flirting With Danger, Don’t Look Down, Billionaires Prefer Blondes, Twice the Temptation, and Touch of Minx, by Suzanne Enoch. Romantic suspense. got me started on these by loaning me a paperback copy of Book 1, so I decided to re-read that one as well as getting the rest!
  • Running Scared, Die in Plain Sight, Innocent as Sin, The Wrong Hostage, and Always Time to Die, by Elizabeth Lowell. Romantic suspense. Re-buys of various Lowell books previously owned in print.
  • Living With Ghosts, by Kari Sperring. Fantasy. Picked up because it was recommended to me!
  • The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters. General fiction.
  • Darkborn, by Alison Sinclair. Fantasy.
  • Homicide in Hardcover, by Kate Carlisle. Mystery. Picked up because I’m a sucker for mystery series where the protagonist is involved with books and because I saw it sitting on the shelf at Third Place near another author’s books. (There is quite a bit of irony in electronically reading a mystery series focused on physical books and their making and selling, but hey!)
  • Stranger, by Zoe Archer. Paranormal romance. This is the fourth of her Blades of the Rose series and I’m looking forward to ripping through this one!
  • State of Decay, by James Knapp. Urban fantasy. Re-buy of something previously owned in print which I didn’t actually read yet, and also, ZOMBIES!
  • Vicious Circle, by Linda Robertson. Urban fantasy. Bought because Juno Books is a pretty reliable source of urban fantasy with decent heroines.
  • Wilderness, by Dennis Danvers. Urban fantasy (?). Bought because I have previously enjoyed at least one of Danvers’ books and the premise sounded interesting: grad student has to prove to her bio prof that she is, in fact, a werewolf.
  • Territory, by Emma Bull. Fantasy. Bought because it was recommended to me, and because the sample I yoinked down onto my Nook was quite entertaining.

Also, although this is an audiobook it does IMO count:

  • The Truelove, by Patrick O’Brian. Book #15 of the mighty Aubrey-Maturin series, bought because had loaned me MP3s of this during my breast cancer recovery. I still haven’t listened to it because I haven’t caught up to Book 15 in the series yet, but I wanted to go ahead and buy the actual audiobook. Patrick Tull did an awesome job narrating the audiobook Sarah loaned me of Treason’s Harbour, so I’ll be buying more of these.

That gives me a grand total of 20 books acquired, and brings the yearly total to 363. Also, for the record, my Nook is still not full!

I got paid!

And I still have room on the nook (although I’m getting close to needing a memory card for the thing)! So y’all should be able to guess what that means. Yes, that’s right: another book roundup!

Purchased electronically recently (and most of these were last night):

  • Rebel, by Zoe Archer. Paranormal romance, Book #3 of her Blades of the Rose series. Review is forthcoming!
  • Pegasus, by Robin McKinley. Fantasy, and I believe this also counts as YA? Bought because, well, Robin McKinley.
  • Half Past Dead, by Zoe Archer and Bianca D’Arc. Paranormal romance. Got this as a freebie from B&N, mostly because of the tie-in with Archer’s aforementioned Blades of the Rose novels.
  • The Secret Sister, by Elizabeth Lowell. Romantic suspense; this is a re-buy of a book previously owned in print.
  • Whirlpool, by Elizabeth Lowell. Same.
  • Dragonhaven, by Robin McKinley. Fantasy/YA. See previous commentary re: Robin McKinley! I actually already own this in hardcover as well, but wanted the e-copy so I can actually get the darned thing read, since I’m not likely to carry the hardback around.
  • A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, by Thomas E. Sniegoski. Urban fantasy; incarnated angel of war as a PI. Not sure of the angel aspect, but I did like this guy’s piece in the Mean Streets anthology, so I thought I’d give his series’ Book 1 a shot. (This is also actually a re-buy of a book previously owned in print, though I haven’t read this one yet.)
  • Touched by an Alien, by Gini Koch. Urban fantasy/paranormal romance (not sure which yet). Bought mostly because it got a lot of lulz when it came out and I’ll want this when I’m in the mood for something light and fluffy.

And, bought this morning in print, just because I can still walk into a physical bookstore and find something I’ll want to buy if I pay attention to the wishlist:

  • The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart. Because you don’t get much more awesome than Mary Stewart when it comes to old-school Gothic romance.

Total for the year: 343!