Need RSS app that reads authenticated feeds AND syncs

Help me, fellow Apple geeks!

I have a whole helluva lot of RSS feeds I want to keep track of. Ideally, I would like to be able to sync reading these feeds between my computer, my phone, and my iPad, so that if I read an article on any of these objects, it updates the others as soon as I sync.

The problem is that quite a few of the feeds I want to keep an eye on are friends-locked accounts on either LJ or Dreamwidth. And the vast majority of iPhone/iPad apps I’ve found for RSS reading work by way of syncing with Google Reader–which is lovely and all except for the part where Google Reader doesn’t talk to authenticated feeds. :/

I do NOT want to use a third-party service (such as FreeMyFeed) to unlock those feeds and plug them into Google Reader, on the grounds of that would violate the privacy of those feeds. What I’d like to do instead is either a) let my Mac do the actual grabbing of authenticated feeds, and just sync that content down to the mobile devices, or b) find an iPad app that can talk to authenticated feeds locally, and just read RSS exclusively on that device.

So, do any of y’all have suggestions for how I can solve this problem? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Unfortunately, on the syncing side, there is no such beast. Pretty much all RSS syncing these days happens through Google Reader. Google Reader won’t sync authenticated feeds.

    NetNewsWire can /read/ authenticated feeds on Mac OS X, but cannot sync them to the increasingly-outdated iPhone/iPad versions (which can’t read authenticated feeds ANYWAY, so…).

    Reeder syncs via Google Reader and is my iPad RSS client of choice, but doesn’t support authenticated feeds.

    feedHopper’s UI drives me up the wall, but it supports authenticated feeds on iPad and can sync the non-authenticated feeds via Google Reader and deal with the authenticated ones locally only. It may be the only option you have. :/

  2. Yeah, I’m using the Mac-side client for NetNewsWire right now–but I’d noted its inability to sync down to the mobile devices, which is a dealbreaker.

    I’d located both Reeder and feedHopper, yeah. FeedHopper looked interesting but I hadn’t been able to confirm if it did authenticated feeds–thanks! I’ll give it a closer look.

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