And oh yes, belated thanks!

It’s now a week after the fact, but I must give some public thanks to everybody who wished me such nice birthday wishes last weekend–whether on LJ, DW, Facebook, face-to-face, or what. In particular:

  • Thank you, userinfojennygriffee, for the lovely card!
  • Props to userinfotechnoshaman for getting me a signed copy of this, and a card as well!
  • Big smiles over to userinfojanne who actually hand-made me a book cover, with a suspiciously familiar face cross-stitched onto the front. How sweet was this? Handmade gift, people! <3
  • userinfomamishka knows me very, very, VERY well and sent me this awesome Han Solo shirt.
  • Extra big smiles to my beloved userinfosolarbird for the new instrument rack where the General, Rags, and my bouzouki Spring are all now residing! There’s room on it for my octave mandolin Autumn as well, although Autumn’s getting more play time at Dara’s hands these days.

This Guy Looks Familiar
This Guy Looks Familiar

My birthday technically isn’t even over yet, as userinfospazzkat‘s present is still pending! It’s been late showing up on the mail, although he informs me that he has been charged for it, so hopefully Whatever It Is will show up soon. I have my suspicions, and am dying to see if I am correct.

Thanks much to you all! I feel loved. <3