YAY more ebooks!

Because I got a bonus on this paycheck, doncha know. And because I wanted to hit a slew of non-B&N places to pick up various titles I’ve been interested in, for a while!

From Baen’s Webscription site:

  • Carousel Tides, by Sharon Lee. Urban fantasy. Bought in ebook because I didn’t want to put down for a trade paperback, and this was much cheaper. Also, because this sounds like old-school urban fantasy that’s a lot more up my alley these days. (Note: if you want this one electronically, Baen’s site is your best bet.)
  • The Stardance Trilogy, by Spider and Jeanne Robinson. SF. Because I’d been meaning to get this ever since Jeanne Robinson passed away, pretty much, and also because I’d never read it anyway.

From Carina Press:

  • Like Clockwork, by Bonnie Dee. For GREAT STEAMPUNK JUSTICE! And probably also smooching.
  • Storm Warning and Sea of Suspicion, by Toni Anderson. Romantic suspense set in Scotland? Sign me up!
  • Trash Course, by Penny Drake. Mystery, and the premise sounded interesting: a woman must investigate the deaths of a couple of old women who were hoarders.
  • Should We Drown in Feathered Sleep, by Michael Merriam. Fantasy, and a novella at that; the title seized my attention, and the post-apocalyptic premise sounded haunting and intriguing as well. The heroine is disabled, and she’s chosen to be the sacrifice to save the dying loons in a Minnesota lake.
  • Motor City Witch, by Cindy Spencer Pape. Book 2 of her Urban Arcana series.

From Drollerie Press:

  • Ivan and Marya, by Anna Kashina. Russian-themed fantasy.
  • Sorrow, by John Lawson. Fantasy with a killer on the loose.
  • Stormy Bamboo, by Tamara Sheehan. Samurai-themed fantasy.
  • Kinlea Keeper, by E. Grace Diehl. YA fantasy.

From Kobo, my very first two purchases from there:

  • The Winter Sea and Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley. Romance and romantic suspense, respectively. I actually own both of these novels in print, but I wanted electronic copies anyway because my print copy of the former is a big brick of a book, and because Kearsley is on my list of authors I’ll buy in both formats. :D

And from Amazon, spending that $7 credit I had, finally (I’d thought I’d spent it on The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten but I was apparently mistaken):

  • The Cardinal’s Blades, by Pierre Pevel. Translated from the original French, and it’s got swashbuckling, 17th-century adventure, and dragons! Bought from Amazon since it’s not available for the nook.

Though all that above said, I did also grab this as a freebie from B&N:

  • Selected Stories of O. Henry, by O. Henry. Because why not!

Which brings me to 385 for the year.

2 Replies to “YAY more ebooks!”

  1. That’s a heck of an impressive list!!! Have fun, and I still have a couple author copies of Curse, if you happen to decide you want one. It’s so little oft I see Kinlea on a reading list ^_^. Hugs- Elisa

    1. I DO buy books like a crazy book buying thing! ;)

      And hey if you have author copies of Curse, I may take you up on one of those. I’m all for supporting my fellow Drollerie authors!

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