More guitar geeking!

So unless a more awesome name presents itself, my shiny new guitar is going to be henceforth known as “General Taylor”. I am, yes, quite cognizant of the irony of naming a guitar for a song performed without any instruments whatsoever.

I have also realized that as I was grabbing shinies to go with the General at Dusty Strings, I forgot to get one other critical thing: a capo. The capo I bought for Rags was intended for nylon string guitars; it works okay on the new guitar, but isn’t optimal and I keep expecting it to pop off. So I’ll need to pick up another one. Oh DARN, I’ll have to go into a music store again! Twist my arm. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Meanwhile I have retuned Rags to DADGAD tuning. Poor Rags really sounds kind of feeble compared to the Taylor, but going into that tuning adds some really nice complexity to his tone. I’ve printed off a chord chart to see what I can learn, and also went and re-printed the chords to “Boston and St. John’s”–which is played in said tuning. It’ll be fun to properly learn that song.

6 Replies to “More guitar geeking!”

    1. I’ll look forward to doing that song, yeah, but also seeing if I can learn other things in DADGAD too–it’s apparently used in Celtic music quite a bit. :)

  1. Don’t forget to take Rags with you when you go to get the capo… I don’t suppose the luthier had time to peek at him when you got the General, thanks to zoo!madhouse!store…

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