Whoa! Was I EVER this small?

Here’s one of the good reasons to be on Facebook: a lot of my relatives who I otherwise would not be in touch with are there. One of my cousins found me there last night, letting me know that she’s putting together a memorial DVD to honor my uncle Marion who recently died and offering me a copy, which was very sweet of her. But she also has sent me a bunch of very old pictures of myself and my brothers and parents, and various other family members as well.

Including this, which is possibly the oldest picture of myself I have seen in YEARS. Good gods I am TINY. Check out that purple dress!

Tiny Anna is Tiny
Tiny Anna is Tiny

2 Replies to “Whoa! Was I EVER this small?”

  1. As soon as I get the last few scanned in and labeled, I’ll get that CD out to you; there’s one of Donnie at this age. Also, there’s one of Don and Randy when Randy was about this age, I guess about the time Donnie was born or so.

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