So, rough sleep last night, lots of trying not to flip out, and obsessively shooting the heads off of zombies. Oh yeah, and making myself actually work on Lament. Last night, not so fun.

Heard back from Dr. McMillan’s office who had no idea what was up with the mammogram stuff, so that told me that whatever was up with that, it wasn’t prompted by them. So I called the breast center people back, and they pointed me at the records nurse, who looked in my actual file to find out WTF. She said Dr. Carlson (who I actually met, I think, during the last round of BFFN) had noted something about a bit of a thing that was visible from one angle and not from another, so they wanted more angles of that. According to what the nurse described, it sounded like it could well just be scarring from my reduction.

So. Still nervous but not quite so paranoid. Keep your fingers crossed, people.