Oh HELL no

I just got called by Evergreen. They want me to come in for followup pictures for the left mammogram I just had last week. The scheduling desk doesn’t say why; they don’t have that data. So I’ve had to leave messages with Dr. McMillan’s office as well as Dr. Towbin’s to ask them WTF, as they’re the ones who got the actual report and who would presumably have requested the followup pictures.

It is within the realm of reason that this may just be a scenario of scar tissue on my left side making the scan turn out weird. Or hell, just pictures that got fucked up for some technical reason. I will be focusing on this, because really, seriously, I am not up for Round Three of this shit.

Please to be directing any positive thoughts towards the least annoying scenario here, people. Thank you in advance. I’ll be over here trying not to be stressy and irritable and paranoid until Thursday morning, when I go in for the followup scans.

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