Stressy Anna is stressed

And because of this, I’m going to try to post about assorted Things That Don’t Suck.

This past weekend: Street Fair. Got to go with userinfosolarbird, and I got a new hat, and Dara bought several cute things to wear, and Tasty Food was eaten as well. Got to see userinfomamishka as well as assorted other folks I know from online and the local filking crowd, userinfovixyish and userinfogfish and userinfohsifyppah and userinfotereshkova2001.

Also this past weekend: Starting to watch Season 2 of Life on Mars. This show is made entirely of Awesome, and I am sad that there are only two seasons of it, because next time I see the Master on the Doctor he totally will be DI Tyler instead. And that’ll be just plain weird.

Yesterday: Lots of new music purchased, including Carbon Leaf’s shiny brand new album, Nothing Rhymes With Woman. More thoughts on this will be forthcoming. Also, as a special side note to userinfoseimaisin, I must note I’ve also picked up Gaelic Storm’s second and third albums, and lo, there is Awesomeness. I am particularly amused that GS covers a song I was originally introduced to by Heather Alexander: “South Australia”. Seriously, though–GS clearly got their shit together as of album #2, because their vocals are a lot stronger, and I’m finding both the second and third albums actively groovy.

And oh yes: it totally fails to suck that I found an lj user tag parser for WordPress, so even though I’m doing a lot of crossposting out of WordPress these days, I can still do lj style tags. Because it totally messes me up when I can’t!

More later. I need sleep!