And the winner is…

Le Vent du Nord, who take over as my official Second Favorite Band. They narrowly, narrowly beat out La Volee d’Castors on the grounds that:

  • Simon Beaudry is gorgeous, and as previously noted, I have a marked fondness for cute dark-haired bouzouki players! (Note: yes, I am aware he’s holding a guitar in that picture. I have not yet found a suitably pretty picture of him with a bouzouki. Being imaginative, I can extrapolate!)
  • LVN actually seem to periodically do US shows, if their tour calendar is any indication. Which means there’s an off-chance I might actually get to see them perform if they ever head out this way, and if they do, I am ALL OVER THAT.
  • LVN’s website has an English edition as well as a French one. LVC’s website currently does not, and while I can still kinda poke my way around theirs and make reasonable guesses about what’s what, a coherent full English site is still more helpful.
  • LVN also provide lyrics on their website. While I speak only a meager handful of phrases in French, I can at least use the French lyrics to read while I’m listening to the songs, which can let me start to try to parse them as words, as opposed to “lyrical nonsense being sung by guys with sexy voices”! The English lyrics provided are spotty at best, and are clearly the half-assed output of a translation engine, but they are at least enough to give me a half-assed idea of what various songs are actually about.
  • Nicolas Boulerice has a hurdy-gurdy, and Unusual Instruments FTW!

Now, all this squeeing aside, LVC are still very, very close behind the gentlemen of LVN, on the strength of their music alone!
And I fear that Carbon Leaf has now slipped to fourth place. Sorry, lads! (I do however resolve to check out CL’s forthcoming live album/DVD set, and show them some love too.)

Stressy Anna is stressed

And because of this, I’m going to try to post about assorted Things That Don’t Suck.

This past weekend: Street Fair. Got to go with userinfosolarbird, and I got a new hat, and Dara bought several cute things to wear, and Tasty Food was eaten as well. Got to see userinfomamishka as well as assorted other folks I know from online and the local filking crowd, userinfovixyish and userinfogfish and userinfohsifyppah and userinfotereshkova2001.

Also this past weekend: Starting to watch Season 2 of Life on Mars. This show is made entirely of Awesome, and I am sad that there are only two seasons of it, because next time I see the Master on the Doctor he totally will be DI Tyler instead. And that’ll be just plain weird.

Yesterday: Lots of new music purchased, including Carbon Leaf’s shiny brand new album, Nothing Rhymes With Woman. More thoughts on this will be forthcoming. Also, as a special side note to userinfoseimaisin, I must note I’ve also picked up Gaelic Storm’s second and third albums, and lo, there is Awesomeness. I am particularly amused that GS covers a song I was originally introduced to by Heather Alexander: “South Australia”. Seriously, though–GS clearly got their shit together as of album #2, because their vocals are a lot stronger, and I’m finding both the second and third albums actively groovy.

And oh yes: it totally fails to suck that I found an lj user tag parser for WordPress, so even though I’m doing a lot of crossposting out of WordPress these days, I can still do lj style tags. Because it totally messes me up when I can’t!

More later. I need sleep!