Data transfer complete! Go me!

I’d been being stupid–I was trying to manually type in all the old site updates out of my old MySQL database, the thing I’d set up to really kind of be a blog before I had a blog. But I finally figured out what I’d need to do to just do a data dump out of MySQL and then an import into WordPress. I still then had to go through all the entries and put titles, categories, and tags on them, but that did at least make the whole process go rather faster.

So yeah, all my old updates are now here on the WordPress edition of this site, and you can see the tag cloud down on the sidebar on the left. Lots and lots of tags in particular pertaining to my various roleplay logs from days of yore.

Still to come: I still need to port the rest of the old site pages in, and eventually, I’m going to pull my archive of Two Moons MUSH logs back over into this logs archive as well, just to have them all in the same place. But this’ll do me for today’s round of updates.