Hi all!

It’s been a while since I bothered to update annathepiper.org, my original personal webpage. But as y’all who’ve been following my LJ know, I’ve recently learned how to use WordPress, and so I thought I’d give my original page a general overhaul too.

The vast majority of my active web attention these days has gone to my LJ as well as my new writing site. But for the sake of posterity I’m keeping annathepiper.org up too. It mostly serves as an archive for my history of MUSHing and some of my other favorite fannish things. (If the words “Great Big Sea” come to mind for you when I say that, they would be appropriate.)

I’ll be experimenting with trying to roll the pages from the last version of this site into WordPress, though getting the logs database accessible from here promises to be fun. And by fun I mean, “difficult to code”. But it’ll be an interesting learning experience to see if I can take the PHP I originally wrote to search my logs database and integrate it as some sort of WordPress plugin thingie. (Which I doubt will be interesting to anybody but me, since I figure there are maybe about three people on the planet who may actually still be interested in reading my logs, but hey! Who knows?)

Anyway, if you’re reading this mirrored off my LJ or one of my LJ-clone accounts, feel free to wander by annathepiper.org occasionally. But mind the dust. I’m cleaning up!