Site update

As part and parcel of my overall site update, all of my Two Moons MUSH pages have been reorganized. The layout and styles now match the main site for ease of updating; the logs have been organized into one big logs page (and although you have to use the search page over on my main MUSH logs archive, you can even SEARCH the logs!); the various tribal pages have all been tweaked so that things like membership rosters and characters available for play are pulling out of the same database used by the main TM website, and should therefore be more up to date. All of my personal character pages have been added to the same database along with webpages for several other folks that I have been maintaining — Willowholt and Lostholt former PCs and NPCs — so that I don’t have to maintain that stuff in two separate places. In general, my TM pages should be more cohesive; hope y’all approve.