Site update

Okay folks — it’s a whole year (or two, depending on who’s counting) too late to be my New Millennium webpage. But well hey. I got the urge to change things around here again, get rid of a lot of content I won’t be updating anymore, move some stuff up a level in order to make it easier to find, give the place a whole new graphical scheme, and fix a whole bunch of things that were broken.

In honor of all of these changes I have bought myself my very own shiny new domain name, which points to this place now: My usual address will still get here, of course, but I always rather wanted my own domain name, too. It’s up and running, everybody, so please feel free to use it in your bookmarks. Here’s the nitty gritty on everything I’ve changed around, though:

  • Almost all of my MUSH character pages have been removed, since I am no longer playing AetherMUSH. Instead, I have set up a directory for old characters in my MUSH section, and have pages summarizing my various alts on various MUSHes there that I’ve played over the years. The exception is old characters from Two Moons MUSH, which are still chronicled in detail in the Two Moons section of the site.
  • All my old logs are still up and available to be read, though. All logs not from Two Moons live in the MUSH section now, in the old logs section. I will still periodically update this part of my page as time and whim dictate, since I do still have a bunch of unedited logs I haven’t gotten around to posting, but the priority on this has gone down. Old logs pertaining to Two Moons MUSH as well as the set of logs for the only active roleplay I’m doing right now, which is for the Seafarers group of sailors on that game, can be found in the Two Moons section.
  • My small pages for Great Big Sea and 30 Odd Foot of Grunts have been moved up a level out of the Music section, to make finding them easier.
  • Speaking of music, I’ve also added a formal top-level link for the section of my site devoted to my jamming group, Three Good Measures.
  • Y’know those little blurbs on the main index, or up at the top of my sub-pages, that change when you roll your pointer over the menu graphics? Well, those weren’t ever centered right in Netscape, and they weren’t showing up at all on Opera, both of which rather drove me batty. So I did a lot of restructuring of stuff under the hood to eliminate those problems, and I should be looking okay on all three of those browsers now (or at least, up through IE 6, Opera 6, and Netscape 4.79; I haven’t tested against Netscape 6.x, because I haven’t bothered to actually install it on my personal machine. Anybody out there use Netscape 6.x and wanna tell me if I look okay on that browser, drop me a line).
  • Pretty much all the other top-level pages have been updated in some form or other, links checked for validity and such. And the Sitemap has been duly updated to reflect the overall changed status of the site. If you need to find something, that remains the best place to look.

I’ve tested the updated site on IE 5.5, Netscape 4.79, and Opera 6, at resolutions 1024×768, 800×600, and 640×480. If you’re using a different browser or a different resolution and see anything that looks broken, or, for that matter, if you see anything that looks broken in general, drop me a line and let me know!

And I hope y’all like the redecorating I’ve done around here!

EDITING TO ADD 11/3/2019: Removed the link off of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts in the third bullet point in the list in this post, because that page is no longer active.