In which the Dragonborn Investigates the Arkngthamz Ruins

So I decided to go ahead and launch the quest to investigate the ruins of Arkngthamz–and in so doing, triggered a nice big juicy quest that’s going to have me popping into multiple Dwemer ruins, to aid a ghost named Katria who has some serious unfinished business to take care of!


  • Killed a dragon, like you do–but this time it was a named dragon, which was different
  • Found a shrine to Dibella as I hoofed it westward from Whiterun, and talked to a hunter there
  • Found an orc stronghold and had a conversation with an unseen guard who essentially told me to fuck off, and when asked how I could convince them to not make me have to fuck off, told me “go get us this shiny thing”–another quest I will be following up on later
  • Found the ruins of Arkngthamz, as well as the ghost of the adventurer Katria, who tried to warn me off lest Lyds and I die like she did, but who then asked to help us when we wouldn’t go
  • Investigated the hell out of Arkngthamz, killed a bunch of Falmer (the first time I’ve fought Falmer!) and a bunch of chaurus (first time I’ve fought these too), and made it down to the tonal lock where the tasty treasure was
  • Got out of the dungeons alive and with a boatload of loot, and Katria’s amazed pronouncement that after finding the first of the Aetherium Shards, there were three more she–er, uh, we–could find
  • Bonus epilogue: also played this morning and did a find a thing type quest for a guy in Whiterun, and raided a nearby bandit lair to recover his family sword

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