In Which Merawen Finally Fights Alduin and Also Acquires the Wabbajack

I boinged around a lot in this session, but in between all of the fast traveling, I did actually also revisit the main plot! Which meant taking the Dragon Elder Scroll up to the top of the Throat of the World, learning Dragonrend, and having the first round of fighting with Alduin.

And Alduin was only one of the dragons I fought in this session, though unlike the two Revered Dragons and the Ancient one, he actually survived the fight!

Next to that, doing the Mind of Madness quest and getting the Wabbajack from Sheogorath was a relaxing vacation. :D

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In Which Merawen Clears More Draugr from Kolbjorn Barrow and Confronts Ildari Sarothril

More side quests on Solstheim this session, with emphasis on moving the Kolbjorn Barrow plot further along, and then returning to Tel Mithryn so I could finish the Briarheart Necropsy quest. And proceed to the Old Friends quest, which let me go take out Ildari Sarothril.

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In Which Merawen Goes to Nchardak

As this was a weeknight session it wasn’t as long and involved as my weekend ones. So the main goal here was to clear Nchardak, and, time permitting, get to the Black Book there and move the plot far enough along to be at the point where I have to go back and talk to the Skaal.

This was successful. Which means I’m also now a fair ways in on the main Dragonborn plot, and that I’ll need to put that on hold for a bit while I do side things on Solstheim!

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In Which Merawen Begins Saving Solstheim from Miraak

Very busy session all around. Got the main Dragonborn plot properly underway with finding Miraak’s temple and meeting Frea of the Skaal, and letting that proceed along to the point of clearing four of the All-Maker Stones with the Bend Will Shout, and beginning the search for more of the Black Books.

Also, got the Kolbjorn Barrow plot properly underway and the A New Source of Stalhrim plot, as well as hunting for pieces of the Deathbrand armor. And got Cindiri Arano her folio back.

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In Which the Dragonborn Defeats Miraak

This is the second to the last post for Alarrah’s run, because in last night’s session, she took on and defeated Miraak. Also, she discovered what was really going on at Koljborn Barrow, and made her final visits to Tel Mithryn and the Skaal village.

And then she gathered up some of the things she’d amassed in Severin Manor, and set out with Lydia and Clanky to return to Lucia in Whiterun!

(I’m calling this second to last post because I have just a couple more loose ends I want to do with this character before I officially retire her. And I want to get a couple of screenshots of her in-game stats just to record in this series of blog posts for posterity!)

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