In Which Delga Acquires Azura’s Star and Joins the Imperial Legion

This is another double session post. Sunday night’s session, where I got the broken Azura’s Star from Ilinalta’s Deep, was not really long enough of a session to warrant a post all by itself.

Monday’s session, on the other hand, turned into a monster! Not only did I get Azura’s Star repaired, I also joined the Imperial Legion. So now I’ve officially taken a side in the war for Skyrim!

And oh yeah: I’m also now thane of Winterhold!

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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Geirmund’s Hall

The main point of yesterday’s run was the next part of the Forbidden Legends quest, but with the obligatory extra building and smithing and crafting on either side. Plus, more occurrences of the dead dragon corpse bug! Highlights as follows:

  • Before I went on the main quest, went to Heljarchen Hall first to do some building and make Gregor the official steward
  • Hoofed it with Lydia from Whiterun to head east for Geirmund’s Hall
  • Went towards Riverwood first which turned out to be the wrong way, and accidentally discovered a back way into Riverwood
  • Fought a giant who was just standing right there in the road
  • Killed another random Dark Brotherhood assassin
  • I think Lyds and I may have saved Talsgar the Wanderer from frostbite spiders? Go us!
  • Took a long looping road to the east before we swung back west towards our destination
  • Discovered a new bandit lair, Nilheim, but did not engage with it
  • Got attacked by a couple of cranky treasure hunters after we crossed a river
  • Cleared Geirmund’s Hall, in which we found the obligatory draugr, flooded chambers, a lot of mushrooms, a dead adventurer, the dead Archmage Geirmund, and the cranky draugr boss Sigdis
  • More recurring dragon corpse in Whiterun, I have definitely triggered some kind of weird dragon corpse bug
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