In Which Merawen Hunts Still More Vampires for the Dawnguard

This was another session all about the Dawnguard side quests, because I had to chug through a few more to finally get to the last one I wanted to do! With the obligatory side helpings of confronting dragons and bandits, and this time also Thalmor. And more building work on Heljarchen Hall as well.

Plus, Gregor the housecarl is now properly outfitted with his own suit of dragonplate armor, as well as dragonbone weapons. You work for the Dragonborn, you will be outfitted correctly!

Also, this post contains considerable saltiness about the Hide and Seek quest, since I got another round of that. And today’s favorite Skyrim bug: trying to rescue a kidnap victim from vampires, only to discover the kidnap victim has buggered off for home all by herself!

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In Which Merawen Learns Who Took the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

This was another very eventful session, with a lot of bouncing around between various locations, and some moving along of the main plot as well. Main-plot-wise, I’m to the point of having the Thalmor Embassy as the next major thing to do. Side-plot-wise, I got Dawnbreaker! And spent enough time in Whiterun that it felt a lot like an Alarrah session, really.

Which just goes to show that I need to get back to the Thieves Guild. Muahaha.

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In Which the Dragonborn Quests to Repair the White Phial

This session was mostly all about the side quests, some longer than others, with the primary one being the final stage of the quest about the White Phial in Windhelm. Highlights:

  • Went back to Haemar’s Shame, a vampire nest I’d cleared out before for the Daedric quest for Clavicus Vile, to find the book Urag wanted for the college
  • Went to Lost Tongue Overlook to find another Word Wall; killed an Elder Dragon there
  • Stopped in Riften to sell things, unload, and say hi to my new housecarl Iona
  • Tried to go on the quest to get the item that needs enchanting, but discovered it’s actually in Raven Rock, which is on Solstheim, and I am not prepared to go there yet, so skipping that for now
  • Instead, took the book back to the college, and got the Illusion trainer to bump me up a couple of ticks to finish out my training for level 48
  • Then went to Windhelm to follow up with Quintus Navale about the White Phial; got the request from him to find three particular ingredients, and went off to hunt those down
  • Re-visited the top of the Throat of the World, said hi to Paarthurnax, and went a little higher this time to find the Unmelting Snow—and also, bonus enchanted pickaxe, malachite and ebony ore veins, and the gold chest full of the tunic, shield, and sword that are a Zelda easter egg in the Switch build of this game, lol
  • Second thing I had to get was powdered mammoth tusk, and for that I had to raid a giant camp
  • That camp turned out to be one of the ones within walking distance of Heljarchen, so I stopped off there to say hi to Gregor, put the Zelda gear on one of the mannequins in the armory, and do a little building of additional furnishings
  • Hoofed it from Heljarchen down to Whiterun; on the way, saw another dragon (Blood Dragon this time) attacking the Halted Stream bandit camp; tried to take on the dragon, but it never got close enough to engage and finally it flew off; discovered that yep, the dragon had killed the bandits, so I scavenged the place a little
  • Dropped off more things in Whiterun, said hi to Lydia, and proceeded to look for the third and final ingredient, a briar heart, at a Forsworn camp I hadn’t been to before
  • On the way to the Forsworn, killed another dragon, a named one this time, Nahagliiv
  • While clearing the Forsworn camp, triggered a side quest to find Red Eagle’s sword by reading one of the books they had
  • Went back to Windhelm to bring the ingredients to Quintus, who hastily repaired the Phial—and wound up giving it to me
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In Which the Dragonborn Hunts Basement Skeevers

Last night’s Skyrim run basically continued the theme of “get more money so I can afford to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude”. So I did more making of things, and selling of things, and hunting of things—and by “things” I mostly mean “bandits”. But also, basement skeevers!

Main accomplishments:

  • More hunting around Whiterun
  • Leveled up to 31, after doing enough smithing to roll me over
  • Also leveled smithing up high enough to pass 60, which meant I was able to unlock arcane smithing and be able to improve magical items
  • Took a Whiterun bounty on a bandit leader who turned out to be in the nearest camp out in the plains, so I didn’t even have to fast travel
  • Visited my property at Lakeview Manor to do more building there and have Rayya get animals and a bard, but also discovered the skeevers in the cellar
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