In Which the Dragonborn Pursues a Lost Legend

So y’all may recollect that in my post about sorting out the nightmares problem for Dawnstar, I found a book called Lost Legends in Nightcaller Temple while traversing it with the priest Erandur.

Reading this book triggered a whole different quest. And in last night’s run, I started that!


  • Went up to the marshes north of Morthal to find a place called Folgunthur
  • Found Folgunthur dotted with previous dead adventurers and the obligatory bunch of draugr
  • Read up on exactly what the “lost legend” was, a powerful wizard murdered by his sons, who claimed his amulet and broke it into three bits, and caused enough havoc that the High King ordered all record of the family expunged from recorded events
  • Tracked through the dungeon to find the boss draugr, the first of the three murderous sons, and got the first amulet bit from him
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