In Which Merawen Returns to the Main Dawnguard Plot

This session finally saw the last of the Dawnguard side quests I wanted to do, i.e., acquiring the Dawnguard Rune Axe. Which meant I was also finally able to rendezvous with Serana and proceed with the next phase of the main Dawnguard plot: infiltrating Castle Volkihar in an attempt to find Serana’s long-lost mother Valerica.

And getting into one of my favorite bits of the Dawnguard plotline: the Soul Cairn!

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In Which Merawen Slays a Dragon Priest and Quests for the Dawnguard

Mostly familiar territory again in this session, only this time, there was more mileage of stuff done in different ways. Not the killing of the Dragon Priest Hevnoraak–that did go pretty much as it had done for Alarrah–but I got some fun variations of events once I returned to the Dawnguard plotline and got Serana at my back.

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In Which Merawen Moves Plots Along, and Destroys the Dark Brotherhood

This entire session was mostly stuff I’d done before, with a few variations from how Alarrah did it. I moved the mage college and Dawnguard plots along another notch, while testing out having Aranea from the Azura’s Star plot as a follower. And, I destroyed the Dark Brotherhood again! They had it coming.

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In Which the Dragonborn Destroys the Dark Brotherhood

This session was mostly all about dealing with wiping out the Dark Brotherhood, though with a side helping of tracking down the sword of Red Eagle. Highlights:

  • Sold a few things at Windhelm’s forge to lighten the load a bit
  • Spoke to Aventus Aretino in Windhelm, and even though the kid thought I was a Dark Brotherhood assassin, I agreed to kill his abuser for him
  • Went to the Windhelm docks to find the Northern Maiden; on the way, met a street kid named Sofie who was selling flowers for money to buy food; bought all her flowers
  • Tried to book the Northern Maiden to travel to Solstheim, only to find that the captain bent on never going there again; will be following up on this later
  • Then went to Riften to do the thing; was not entirely comfortable with this!
  • On the way back to Windhelm to report to the kid, had a weird dragon encounter that resulted in the dragon disappearing even though I hadn’t actually killed it
  • Aventus gave me a fairly heirloom plate
  • Headed back west in search of Red Eagle’s sword, and did battle with a whole lot of Forsworn and skeletons, not to mention Red Eagle himself, before finally claiming the blade
  • Returned to Whiterun; on the way in, had a courier deliver a note that read only “We know”
  • In Whiterun, after I did another round of saying hi to Lyds and dropping off and selling things, went to sleep—and woke up in a mysterious shack, confronted by Astrid; this did not go well for Astrid
  • Escaped the shack and hurried off to Solitude; on the way into Solitude, had another courier find me, with word that the orphanage in Riften was under new management and now publicly calling for people to consider adopting its orphans
  • Where I informed the first guard I found that I’d killed the leader of the Dark Brotherhood
  • At the guard’s urging, reported this to Commander Maro in Dragon Bridge, who sent me off to wipe out the rest of the Dark Brotherhood too
  • On the way to the Sanctuary, had another dragon encounter, and this time actually correctly fought and killed the dragon
  • Wiped them out, and headed on foot to Dragon Bridge; on the way, witnessed distant NPCs in a battle in which I elected not to interfere
  • Made it back to Dragon Bridge and reported to Maro, who was overjoyed and paid me handsomely, as well as promising to make sure the Emperor heard about what I did
  • Finally returned to Whiterun once more (with confiscated Shrouded Armor from the assassins)
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In Which the Dragonborn Does a Whole Lot of Things Actually

This is a long one, so buckle up! Had multiple sessions yesterday, before and after dinner, and did a lot of things! Bought Proudspire Manor and the property where I could build Heljarchen Hall. Cleared out Raldbthar to get the second Aetherium Shard. Killed a whole lotta bandits. And kept having dead dragons drop on me in the middle of Whiterun!


  • Bought Proudspire Manor in Solitude finally, which let me become Elisif’s thane
  • Helped an extra person in Solitude because the “Assist the people of Haafingar” quest is buggy and wouldn’t clear even though I’d already helped five people
  • Went to Raldbthar to find Aetherium Shard #2, and killed a bunch of bandits, dwarven mechanisms, and Falmer
  • Once back in Whiterun, let Lyds rest up while I headed west to find the Sleeping Tree giant camp and clear it out, so that I could follow up on Ysolda’s interesting backstory
  • Went to Dawnstar to finally buy the property from the Jarl there, and have a place for housecarl Gregor to show up and be steward of; built Heljarchen Hall just a little ways north of Whiterun
  • Had amusing buggy behavior with dead dragons showing up right in the middle of Whiterun
  • Visited Windstad Manor to build a few more things and check on Valdimar, and killed more bandits
  • Walked all the way to Morthal while overloaded, but using Whirlwind Sprint to go faster (lol), and killed more bandits en route
  • Got a courier to bring me another “Letter from a Friend” with a clue about where to find another Word Wall
  • Sold some stuff at the apothecary in Morthal once I remembered the place doesn’t have a forge
  • Had a friggin’ ELDER DRAGON drop right on Morthal and kill me before I could get stuff dropped and actually fight it
  • Whirlwind-Sprinted my way to Solitude when I realized I could get there faster than Whiterun, and discovered the carriage there doesn’t work when you’re overloaded
  • Finally got unburdened by selling all my bandit loot and making armor to sell, and then bought a living room for Proudspire

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Adventures in Skyrim Up Till Now

I’ve been posting play by play updates of my adventures in Skyrim, a thing that folks are telling me on both Twitter and Facebook that they enjoy reading. It has, however, occurred to me that it might actually be nice to post that stuff to the blog! Not only for the sake of new actual content, but also for the sake of anybody who actually reads my blog (or the Dreamwidth mirror), and who might be entertained by my Skyrim adventures.

I’m not going to re-post all the play by plays up to this point, just because redoing them is work I don’t feel like doing. But to bring everybody who doesn’t follow me on social media up to speed, here’s where I am in the game so far. (And while this is primarily a summary of in-game activity, I’m also throwing in periodic in-character commentary, just because this is so immersive a game that it really does feel like my old MUSHing days.)

Lots of gaming geekery behind the fold!

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