In Which Delga Regains the Rift for the Empire

I’m posting this on Sunday, but this is actually for the play session I did on Friday night. I didn’t play last night, because I was trying to charge through fixing all of my screenshot galleries so I could resume adding galleries to new posts.

And this one is another step forward in the Imperial side of the civil war plotline, wherein I help the Empire regain the Rift.

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Skyrim screenshot galleries finally fixed, part 2

Here are the remaining Delga posts to which I have now retroactively added screenshots!

This now catches me up with all the missing screenshots! And I can resume regularly adding screenshots to new posts moving forward. <3

Also, Delga’s playthrough page, and the screenshot album that shows up on it, should be up to date now with all her screenshots.

Skyrim screenshot galleries finally fixed, part 1

It’s taken me quite a bit of work, but I have finally finished converting all of my various screenshot galleries to fix the problem that had broken them.

I’m using a WordPress plugin called FooGallery to manage galleries of my images on my site, and up until recently it’s been working great. But a recent release of the plugin code appears to have broken the type of gallery I’d been using up until now for my Skyrim posts.

Specifically, I’d been tagging all my various images for both Merawen’s and Delga’s runs with tags that matched which play session they were from. And I made galleries that dynamically looked for those tags and showed all the images that matched them.

However, there’s a bug somewhere in the FooGallery plugin code that’s causing galleries of this type to lose track of what tag they’re supposed to be using. And to show all the images in the WordPress media library instead. This is not optimal, given that I have over 1,000 images in my site library!

I’ve been in extensive conversation with the FooGallery devs about this. (Y’all may recall that software QA is in fact what I do for a living, and since my site lives on my own home server, I’m in a position to dig into the guts of what’s wrong. But I didn’t want to try it without talking to the plugin devs!) And at this point from what they’re telling me, they do know about this issue and have in theory fixed it, but a version of the code with a fix has not yet made it to me.

So in the meantime, to un-break my site, I have slogged through all of Merawen’s screenshot galleries and Delga’s current ones, converting them all over to a different gallery type that reads right out of folders on my server instead. This type of gallery has continued to be stable. Hopefully, moving forward, this will continue to be the case! I like this plugin and I don’t want to have to bail off of it.

For those of you who’ve been following my Skyrim posts, what this means for you is that I’m finally able to start adding screenshots to each post again.

I’ve had several Delga sessions since this problem started, so I’ve also had to go back and update the posts that were missing screenshots. That work isn’t done yet, but it’s in progress.

Here are the first five of the Delga sessions that now include screenshots:

I’ll be posting the remaining ones tomorrow!

In Which Delga Acquires Azura’s Star and Joins the Imperial Legion

This is another double session post. Sunday night’s session, where I got the broken Azura’s Star from Ilinalta’s Deep, was not really long enough of a session to warrant a post all by itself.

Monday’s session, on the other hand, turned into a monster! Not only did I get Azura’s Star repaired, I also joined the Imperial Legion. So now I’ve officially taken a side in the war for Skyrim!

And oh yeah: I’m also now thane of Winterhold!

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In Which Delga Routs Necromancers in Hob’s Fall Cave and Bandits in Silverdrift Lair

Another side quests type session, focusing on getting the word off the Word Wall in Silverdrift Lair, and then retrieving the flute for Pantea at the Bards College.

Where, I discovered to my shock, it is actually possible for the college NPCs to have a class! :O

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In Which Delga Becomes Thane of Riften

High amount of things accomplished this session! Got Nettlebane and brought Danica Pure-Spring a sapling of Eldergleam. Cleared Ustengrav, and discovered some mysterious party had made off with the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (ohnoez WHO COULD IT BE). Got Noster One-Eye in Solitude his missing helmet. Got enough ingredients to go finish up Balimund’s quest and a bonus, enough ice wraith teeth for Marise. So I was able to eventually buy Honeyside, and become Thane of Riften!

I started the Bards College quest, just to get the skill bumps off of that. And parked myself at Forsaken Cave to do the White Phial retrieval.

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