In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Volskygge

For this session, I had two main overall goals:

  1. Following up on the “Letter from a Friend” that advised me to go find “the source of power” at Volskygge
  2. Seeing if I could generate a new dragon to kill, to see if I could clear the dragon corpse haunting Whiterun

Main highlights as follows:

  • Let Lydia have a break, as I went up to Solitude to sell and craft some more stuff, and to buy more furnishings for Proudspire Manor
  • Got Jordis the Sword-Maiden to follow me over to Volskygge, since it was a moderate walk east of Solitude
  • Killed a Blood Dragon on the way
  • Encountered some Companions for the first time, surprisingly north of Whiterun
  • Also killed a couple of Forsworn
  • Found Volskygge and started to clear it out, but realized I was too overloaded already—and that Jordis really needed better armor anyway, so I blipped back to Solitude to get her better outfitted and drop off other things
  • Returned to Volskygge via fast travel to clear it for real
  • Several bandits and lots and lots of draugr in Volskygge
  • Found the Word Wall with the third word of Whirlwind Sprint
  • Killed the Dragon Priest Volsung and got his mask!
  • Fast traveled back to the Western Watchtower twice actually, because a Frost Dragon showed up the first time and guards got in my way while I was fighting it, and I accidentally hit one and pissed them off, oops, rollback time
  • Fast travel the second time to the Watchtower also triggered a dragon, but it never landed, so I didn’t fight it
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In Which the Dragonborn Does a Whole Lot of Things Actually

This is a long one, so buckle up! Had multiple sessions yesterday, before and after dinner, and did a lot of things! Bought Proudspire Manor and the property where I could build Heljarchen Hall. Cleared out Raldbthar to get the second Aetherium Shard. Killed a whole lotta bandits. And kept having dead dragons drop on me in the middle of Whiterun!


  • Bought Proudspire Manor in Solitude finally, which let me become Elisif’s thane
  • Helped an extra person in Solitude because the “Assist the people of Haafingar” quest is buggy and wouldn’t clear even though I’d already helped five people
  • Went to Raldbthar to find Aetherium Shard #2, and killed a bunch of bandits, dwarven mechanisms, and Falmer
  • Once back in Whiterun, let Lyds rest up while I headed west to find the Sleeping Tree giant camp and clear it out, so that I could follow up on Ysolda’s interesting backstory
  • Went to Dawnstar to finally buy the property from the Jarl there, and have a place for housecarl Gregor to show up and be steward of; built Heljarchen Hall just a little ways north of Whiterun
  • Had amusing buggy behavior with dead dragons showing up right in the middle of Whiterun
  • Visited Windstad Manor to build a few more things and check on Valdimar, and killed more bandits
  • Walked all the way to Morthal while overloaded, but using Whirlwind Sprint to go faster (lol), and killed more bandits en route
  • Got a courier to bring me another “Letter from a Friend” with a clue about where to find another Word Wall
  • Sold some stuff at the apothecary in Morthal once I remembered the place doesn’t have a forge
  • Had a friggin’ ELDER DRAGON drop right on Morthal and kill me before I could get stuff dropped and actually fight it
  • Whirlwind-Sprinted my way to Solitude when I realized I could get there faster than Whiterun, and discovered the carriage there doesn’t work when you’re overloaded
  • Finally got unburdened by selling all my bandit loot and making armor to sell, and then bought a living room for Proudspire

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In Which the Wolf Queen Turns Out to Not Be Too Big a Problem, Really

Picked up where I left off last night, in the middle of infiltrating the catacombs under Solitude to get to the spirit of Potema, the so-called Wolf Queen, and take her out before she could finish resurrecting herself and start rampaging across Skyrim.

And while this certainly was a fun quest, ultimately I didn’t find it as difficult as others—say, taking out Malkoran during The Break of Dawn.

Details behind the fold!

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In Which the Dragonborn Follows Up on that Wolf Queen Problem

Highlights of last night’s Skyrim run:

  • Taking another crack at Mount Anthor and finding out about the “source of power” there
  • Getting a direct request from Elisif the Fair to take her slain husband’s war-horn to a shrine of Talos
  • Returning to Solitude to report in on that–only to learn from Falk Firebeard that oh shit Potema’s spirit is still active and loose in the Solitude Catacombs

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In Which the Dragonborn’s Player Completely Forgot a Post

It has come to my attention that I COMPLETELY MISSED a Skyrim write up. Because I have also done the first of the two quests fearing the Wolf Queen, Potema! This was done for Sunday’s run, between the Thalmor Embassy (and the two minor quests in Solitude), and the Mind of Madness Quest.

I did actually try write this up before, but I think I accidentally deleted it without meaning to. Oops. So let’s try this again, shall we?

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In Which the Dragonborn Discovers Serious Weirdness in the Blue Palace

The main highlight of this Skyrim run was doing the quest called “The Mind of Madness”, which involves you investigating what’s really going on with the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace in Solitude. Other than that, I tried to follow up on a couple other quests, but those didn’t go so well!

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