In Which Merawen Aids a Treasure-Seeker and the Largashbur Orc Stronghold

This was a big crunchy session, with three main overall things I did: running the Angarvunde dungeon, doing the Cursed Tribe Daedric quest, and finally properly clearing Arcwind Point.

Killed not one, not two, but three Revered Dragons. Fortunately not all at once. And now I have a very, very large hammer. As well as an increased appreciation for using magic both offensively and defensively!

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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Avanchnzel

Short-ish session last night, as Sunday is Columbo night and I don’t want to try to play Skyrim during Columbo! Highlights:

  • Popped straight back over to Avanchnzel from Whiterun, after doublechecking inventory was as light as possible
  • Got only a little ways into the dungeon before beginning to see the ghosts of the prior party
  • Main feature of this dungeon was lots and lots of automatons, including an actual factory!
  • Surprisingly, no Falmer
  • Got the Lexicon safely returned to its receptacle
  • Got safely out of the dungeon with loot, and back to Whiterun
  • Epilogue: discovered shopkeepers in Whiterun I’ve invested in are now significantly more friendly!

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