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This page has the details on my (mostly) former lesser-known characters, ones which I tried to start playing, and which didn’t work out for whatever reason.

aislinn of clone wars mush

I tried Clone Wars MUSH for a while, and it didn’t work out, as I couldn’t get this character up and running in a way that suited me. Aislinn was a street dancer and reader of fortune-telling cards; here’s what else I know about her, as well…

The young woman known only as Aislinn is an incongruous resident of the underside of Coronet City on Corellia. She is exotic of appearance, impeccable of manner, and although her lot is no better than many who frequent the homeless shelters beneath the city, this young woman can always be seen to be clean and groomed despite the shabby state of her clothing. Even more incongruously, she has elected herself the guardian of three small children, a human boy and girl, and a Drall cub, all orphans, and those that care to take the time to investigate may discover that she is quite willing to defend her charges with her life.

Her description:

This is a young human woman, perhaps 5'3" or 5'4" of height when she is standing. With a dusky dark golden complexion, and a shoulderblade-length riot of brown-black curls, she looks like a creature born under a hot home star, a creature of blazing day-heat and sun-fire. But on the other hand, her eyes, almond-shaped and set at a tilt in her fine-boned face, are of a deep blue-violet, a shade that speaks of the last vestige of sunset before the coming of night.

She is clad in a gauzy peasant-style blouse of a vivid shade of rose; over this, a form-hugging, wraparound vest of a pale beige. Trousers of some sort of flowing black material swish about her legs when she moves, billowing down to be caught around her ankles; a pair of sandals, also black, trimmed in tiny sparks of golden thread, cling to her feet. Her hair is swept up and back out of her face, secured by a black and gold clasp that glints in her curls.

aislinn’s wards

Aislinn was arguably one of the first characters I tried a new trick for: having several NPCs on hand which had an active effect on her roleplay. These are her wards. The names of Roki and Elette I used again later for two of the wards under the protection of my character Julian on AetherMUSH.

  • Roki
    The oldest and most outgoing of the three children in Aislinn’s care, Roki is native to Corellia, and has the brash attitude, the excellent sense of direction, and what will eventually grow into the appropriate good looks to prove it. He is skilled at both begging and thievery, although Aislinn scolds him if she catches him at either, and she is trying to make him appreciate working for credits instead of stealing for them. If asked, Roki will claim that he is ten years old, but his size and frame suggest that he’s more likely eight instead. He has red hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion with the occasional freckle.

  • Tog
    A young Drall-cub, Tog speaks broken Basic, and is therefore often hard to understand, but this doesn’t stop him from communicating quite readily with Roki, with whom he is fast friends. He is technically inclined, fascinated by gadgets and machinery; he has brown fur, and beady black eyes.

  • Elette
    A tiny waif of a girl, with almost white hair and skin and enormous liquid dark eyes, this child is no older than four — though Aislinn, Roki, and Tog can only estimate her age, for she has never revealed it to any of them. Neither has this little one revealed her actual name or much of anything else; she appears either unable or unwilling to speak. She can clearly hear, however, and has permitted Aislinn to call her Elette. Extremely shy, she is very seldom out of Aislinn’s immediate reach; only if Aislinn must move away from her does Elette promptly fasten herself to the company of Roki and Tog.

amanda of garoumush

Tried GarouMUSH since I knew some of the people who were running it, and was vaguely intrigued by the background of the Garou from the White Wolf games. Amanda (a.k.a Rain-on-the-Wind, or Rainwind) was another failed alt of mine, intended to be a solitary Garou of a shamanistic bent, but I couldn’t get a proper handle on the character or on playing on GarouMUSH. C’est la vie.

kyllene of souconmush

A gentle, shy lass who fled an abusive environment in her home Hold, Kyllene was a ragged waif when she was taken in by then-Masterharper Fylora. Her talents for the Harpercraft slowly bloomed under Fylora’s tutelage, and eventually she became a Journeyman Harper, until I had to give her up due to lack of time.

marjanny of belior rising mush

Marjanny was intended, on Belior, to be that game’s version of my PernMUSH character Rillawy’s older sister. Marjanny left Tillek Hold with her standing in a questionable state, after being caught in an intimate encounter with another cotholder lass by the girl’s very unsympathetic father; despite her own parents being less troubled by Marjanny’s preferences, Marjanny nevertheless chose to leave the Hold rather than cause her family any strife she could avoid. She made her way south to the Fort area, with an eye either for the Harper Hall or Fort Weyr, where she hoped she could fit in somewhat better with her unTraditional preference for other girls.

rillsong k’sheyna of valdemush

Rillsong was a character of mine who never saw the light of RP — but in this case it was because the Powers That Be involved with Mercedes Lackey decreed that there should be no MUSHes based on her works.

Rillsong went through a few iterations before I finally settled on her character concept. She was to have been more or less a Tayledras version of Rillwhisper from Two Moons, but I thought the name Rillwhisper overlong for a Tayledras scout, so I shortened it to Rillsong. Also, I’d initially considered inventing an off-camera clan for her to have come from, k’Tirya (I took the name Tirya from Tad Williams’ book Tailchaser’s Song), but discarded that idea in favor of her being a k’Sheyna scout when I got involved in the building of k’Sheyna Vale.

I knew little about her at the time except that she was a scout, and that her bondbird’s name was Kahra.

rillwhisper of realtime mush

I had a character on this game largely because I needed a place to be a refugee while Two Moons was down one summer. I never did anything constructive with my character there, but nevertheless, she is duly noted.

sprayshine of two moons mush

Another failed alt of mine that never got off the ground. Sprayshine was a perky Sea Elf lass, and that’s about all I knew about her.

tember of souconmush

Version 1.0 of the character I eventually played for the off-line Pern fan club Telgar Weyr, Tember is a lot like Ember in Elfquest: redheaded, feisty, and apt to get into trouble without trying very hard. On SouCon, she spent some time making herself useful in the Tannercraft, and had an unsuccessful round on the Sands at Southern Weyr.

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