Old AetherMUSH Alts

These are my old characters from the first iteration of AetherMUSH, which shut down on 2/14/02.


David was my second Elvis-based character, created when I got on a nostalgia kick for my first Elvis-based character, Kevlan Sharr on CrystalMUSH. A young male Mongrel, black-haired and blue-eyed, David immigrated into the city of Haven and managed to draw attention to himself by his extraordinary naivete and his propensity to burst into song at random moments. I had a great deal of fun amusing people who liked that I was playing a character of less-than-average intelligence, and doing public song scenes which didn’t happen all that often on Aether at all. But it was really hard for me to get a handle on David, so I retired him and declared that he wandered off with his three best friends to sign on to the crew of a vessel leaving port — and together they went off into the sunset to have adventures and sing a lot of songs.

David’s Roleplay Logs


Faanshi, oft referred to by me as ‘my little shudra lamb’, was my first and primary character on Aether: a halfbreed of Varati and Sylvan descent, raised by her Varati mother’s Clan and forced into the shudra (servant) caste despite her mother’s kshatri (noble) blood. She was possessed of incredible healing magic as well — her one great boon that raised her out of the usual ranks of those who served the Varati; because of it, she came to the attention of Warlords and priests, the mage school Delphi, and even Khalid Atar, the God-King Himself, and His Maharani Thalia Tritonides Khalida. Faanshi’s life was an ongoing litany of sorrow, for she was ever struggling to resolve the conflicts of her mixed heritage — and forever suffering the losses of people close to her, up to and including the men who were her first and second beloveds. At last, as she was finally growing into her womanhood, Faanshi left the city of Haven on a personal quest to discover her Sylvan roots, to seek spiritual enlightenment, and to hopefully put the burdens of her past behind her.

Faanshi’s Roleplay Logs

Julian (Richard)

Julian Nemeides was a man of mystery in Haven: an Empyrean darkling, deprived of his wings and exiled from his House thanks to the plotting of his treacherous younger brother. In the city of Haven, he took on the guise of a Mongrel man named Richard and turned to thievery to support himself, until after several years he had developed a reputation as a cunning thief indeed and had claimed for himself the nickname “The Rook”. During his time on Aether he took on the care of the son and daughter of his dead Mongrel partner; he met and loved a Mongrel woman called Rory; he discovered much to his shock that he had a teenaged daughter named Moirae; he struck a bargain with the infamous Cynara to take over the Thieves’ Guild of Haven, and in exchange, regained his wings thanks to her magic as well as her assistance in taking over his House. The last anyone had seen of him in Haven, though, his new home in the city had been attacked by night… and the redoubtable darkling had ordered his faithful right-hand man Nine-Fingered Rab to escape with his daughter, his wards, and his nephew into the night. Whether or not the Rook survived the assassination attempt is anyone’s guess! From an OOC perspective, I did retire the character — but then again, from an IC perspective, no one ever did see a body. ;)

As befitted his dark appearance and his air of aristocracy tinged with the shadow of crime, Julian was cast in my head as Pierce Brosnan circa his days of Remington Steele.

Julian’s Roleplay Logs


Kaiulani was an Atlantean princess, the cousin of Sarojin, the Decemvir of the Pandion nation of the Atlantean race. I created her when the player of the solitary Atlantean hunter Benja asked me to create a character she had in mind to be the lovely noble maiden that Benja had admired from afar ever since his boyhood — and since Benja had been modelled after Russell Crowe, I could hardly refuse. ;) Thus was born an ongoing plot surrounding Benja’s dedicated surreptitious protection of his beloved Kaiulani… her growing fascination with her mysterious unseen guardian… and her family’s mounting dismay at the growing bond between them and Benja’s continued reluctance to reveal himself. At last, however, nothing could keep the pair from going to one another — and not even Kai’s discovery that her brave guardian could not use telepathy as was normal for their kind could keep her from swimming eagerly off into the sunset at his side.

Kaiulani’s Roleplay Logs

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