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lostholt sorrow mender

The Death of Kirran -- June 1994
Kirran of the Sun Village is slain by a bear while he and Mender journey towards Lostholt; Mender is wounded, and tended by Leetah and Ember.

plainsrunner sorrow catelf mender

Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 15) -- April 1994
Clearsight receives more visits from Skybow, Nofti, Savah, and Mender; Skybow and Mender heal Clearsight of her fire scars; Clearsight and Blackmorn meet DreamTide, Ruah, and Kalista, and see Shayilbey once more.

plainsrunner sorrow underworld

Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 12) -- April 1994
As Blackmorn's condition worsens, Clearsight senses that he knows her soulname and uses that strength to make him stay with her; later, she is found by the Plainsrunner Kimos, who convinces her to wrapstuff Blackmorn, and the two take him to Sorrow's End, where he is healed by Skybow and Shayilbey.

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